환경규제가 환경민감산업의 무역에 미치는 영향에 관한 실증적 연구

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The subject of this paper is Environmental Regulations and International Trade. The paper reviews arguments and evidences on the impact of globalization about the environment. It analyzes the trade effects of environmental regulations and their effective mechanisms on the basisof studying the trade export's patterns and directions of pollution-intensive products and examines the pollution haven hypothesis and porter hypothesis on evidence of environmental regulations and bilateral trade flows from global level. The result is that it could provide substantial theoretical evidences for designing and building of environmental regulations.
The dissertation is divided into five chapters. The first chapter is an introduction andthe second chapter is a survey of the theories and policies of trade and environment. The interaction between trade flows and environmental regulations has become quite a topical issue recently. There is a common belief that by applying more lenient environmental regulations, countries tend to reduce the production cost of their manufacturers and thus improve their ability to export. In chapter 3, the paper examines the international competitiveness through evidence of trade export's pattern and trade flow of 11 kinds of environmental sensitive industries. By taking into consideration the rank of pollution abatement costs. The data of 15 sample countries are from 1984 to 2010. Taking into consideration the rank of pollution abatement costs, the environmentally sensitive industries are classified, after which the paper determines the difference among the countries on the basis of various indices such as MS, RCA, ESI and MSER-ESDR.
In chapter 4 the paper shows how environmental regulations affect bilateral trade flows through global trade data. Demonstration model is an extension of the gravity model which includes environmental regulations index, environmental cooperation index and grade flows. The estimation is determined by applying regression analysis. In the examination of global perspective, the panel data of more than 150 sample countries from 2008 to 2009 are chosen.
Panel estimation of a gravity model of bilateral trade on the same data set reveals that, on average, polluting industries have higher barriers-to-trade cost, the conclusion of this evidences is that the relationship between stricter environmental regulations and pollution-intensive products becomes statistically significant, but more complex withfootloose pollution-intensive industries. While the domestic environmental regulation of importing country became stricter, the import demand of total pollution-intensive products increased accordingly.
The results show that the practice of multinational environment cooperation and the long-standing efforts of protecting global environment have a statistically significant effect on international trade flow, while multinational environment cooperation of importing countries decreases the international trade flow of pollution-intensive industries.
The paper has shown that environmental regulations are indeed an important variable in the determination of trade flows.
Alternative Title
An Empirical Study on the Effect of Environmental Regulations to Trade in Environmentally Sensitive Industries
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조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 무역학과
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Table Of Contents
【목 차】

제1장 서 론 1
제1절 연구의 목적 1
제2절 연구의 범위 및 방법 5
제3절 선행연구 검토 8
1. 기업수준의 실증분석 연구 8
2. 산업수준의 실증분석 연구 12
3. 국가수준의 실증분석 연구 21

제2장 이론적 논의 및 선행연구 검토 23
제1절 환경규제의 유형과 다자간 환경규제 23
1. 환경규제의 유형 23
2. 다자간 환경규제조치의 동향 26
제2절 경제성장과 환경의 상호관계 29
1. 경제성장과 환경의 조화 가능성 29
2. 환경관점에서의 자유무역 찬반론 37
3. 자유무역이 환경에 미치는 효과 42
제3절 환경규제가 국제무역에 미치는 효과 45
1. 환경규제가 무역패턴에 미치는 효과 45
2. 환경규제가 국제경쟁력에 미치는 효과 51

제3장 환경민감산업의 무역현황과 국제경쟁력 추이 63
제1절 환경민감산업의 분류와 데이터 수집 63
1. 환경민감산업의 분류 63
2. 분석데이터의 수집 65
제2절 환경민감산업의 국제무역 현황 분석 68
1. 환경민감산업의 국제무역 개황 68
2. 국가별 환경민감산업 무역 현황 71
3. 그룹별 환경민감산업 무역 현황 73
제3절 환경민감산업의 국제경쟁력 변화 추이 80
1. MS, RCA, ESI를 통한 국제경쟁력 분석 80
2. MSER-ESDR을 통한 국제경쟁력 분석 94

제4장 환경규제가 무역에 미치는 영향성 분석 102
제1절 연구의 설계와 가설의 설정 102
1. 연구모형의 이론적 근거 102
2. 분석모형과 가설의 설정 112
제2절 환경민감산업의 무역패턴 분석 116
1. 분석자료와 모형의 검정 116
2. 전체 환경민감산업 분석결과 125
3. 환경민감산업별 분석결과 129
제3절 환경규제수준이 무역에 미치는 영향성분석 137
1. 전체 환경민감산업 분석결과 137
2. 환경민감산업별 분석결과 138
3. 규제수준의 상대적 차이 효과 분석 141

제5장 결 론 143
참고문헌 148
조선대학교 대학원
류유. (2011). 환경규제가 환경민감산업의 무역에 미치는 영향에 관한 실증적 연구.
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