응급실에 내원한 자살기도자들의 특성

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Characteristics of the suicide attempters
visiting emergency room

Lim Eu Ri
Advisor: Prof.Kim Hack-Ryul M.D, Ph.D
Department of medicine,
Graduate School of Chosun university

Objectives : The present study aimed to examine sociodermographic and clinical characteristics of suicide attempters, difference in male and female, and erratic change through atricle review of sociodemographic characteristics of domestic suicide attempters since 1963.
Methods : The author analyzed data obtained through review of articles related to suicide attempters published by Korean Neuropsychiatric Association since 1963, and compared findings of 23 variables obtained from medical record including sex, age, etc. to 483case of suicide attempters visiting emergency room of the chosun university hospital in Gwangju city from 2008, January to 2010, July.
Results : In this study, 1) each of the rate of psychiatric patient, suicide attempters to total subject visiting emergency room was 1.4% and 0.7% 2) male/female ratio wwa 1:0.9, and by age, sex below the thirties was more in female, above the forties was more in male. 3) in age, sixties, forties and fifties was more in descending order. 4) in season, spring, summer, winter, autumn was more in descending order. 5) time of suicide attempt was more in hours of 18:00-24:00. 6) the most common method was drug ingestion in both sex. 7) in cause, familial conflict was more in female, physical illness and economic problems was more in male. 8) the most common psychiatric diagnosis was depression in both sex. 9) place of suicide attempt was more in house than out of house.
Conclusions : We need attention to characteristics of suicide attempters : the rate of suicide attempt in above forties year of age is increasing, the most common psychiatric diagnosis is still depression, the most common method in drug ingestion in both sex, the most common season is still spring.

KEY WORDS : Sociodemographic characteristics․Suicide attempters.
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Characteristics of the suicide attempters visiting
일반대학원 의학과
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조선대학교 일반대학원
임유리. (2010). 응급실에 내원한 자살기도자들의 특성.
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