블록암호화와 해쉬함수를 이용한 RFID 보안 프로토콜

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Modern network environment has been rapidly changed and developed. In the near future, such a network will deeply penetrate into our daily life and "Ubiquitous" environment will be generalized.
To make ubiquitous environment exist around us like air, terminal nodes which can be always communicated with network should be also ubiquitous. The most key technique for realizing this environment is just RFID.
RFID refers to the technique that the data of storage media like tag, label, card, etc. are automatically read with radio frequency. It is the advanced core technique which complements the shortcomings of existing bar code or magnetic recognition device and improves convenience of use and can be used in a variety of areas such as national defense, medical treatment, distribution, security, manufacturing, construction, service, and administration. So recently use of RFID tends to be rapidly increased and will be also extended throughout the whole life.
It is true that RFID system is vulnerable to personal information protection or security in spite of its convenience. While its problem of blocking view was settled compared to bar code system, but RFID tag is always ready to be read. Since tag and reader in RFID system are communicated by wireless, reader can be hidden in a state without exposure and when it passes where reader is installed, it has the reverse functions such as threat to security and violation of personal information because location information of an object can be confirmed, saved and stored.
The core of RFID communication system is radio communication between reader and tag. Data exchange between user and service supplier is possible through this process and it may be also vulnerable to attack on security from outside. Applying security protocol used in existing radio network for secure data exchange can be considered, but it is reality that it has difficulty in applying limited environment of RFID tag. If more power is consumed for encryption process than data to be transmitted, it is also inefficient system and then it is not desirable. Since tag and reader exchange information through radio communication, it is possible to bug by illegal reader and make modem easily. But, its prevention technique is very insufficient and available technique has many problems. This study considers limited factors of tag, design RFID certification protocol with higher efficiency and safety than existing RFID certification system, compares it with existing security system through simulation and validates its practicality and validity.
일반대학원 정보통신공학과
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조선대학교 대학원
성종엽. (2010). 블록암호화와 해쉬함수를 이용한 RFID 보안 프로토콜.
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