가토의 두개골 결손부에서 platelet-rich fibrin 차단막의 효과

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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate new bone formation using PRF membrane in the rabbit calvarial bone defect and change of absorbable collagen membrane and PRF membrane in the histology
Materials and methods: Twelve, male skeletally mature New Zealand white rabbits, weighting from 2.5 to 3.0kg, were used in this study. Four equal 8mm diameter bone defects were created and then divided four groups. Group I was no treatment as a control. Group II was grafted with carbone apatite, group III was grafted with carbone apatite and covered with absorbable collagen membrane, group IV was grafted with carbone apatite and covered with PRF membrane. The defects were evaluated by micro CT analysis, histology, and histomorphometric analysis performed at 2, 4, 8 weeks.
Results: The results showed a significant increase in histomorphometric bone area and micro CT analysis in group II,III,IV as compared with the group I(control). No significant difference in new bone formation was seen in group II,III,IV. Absorbable collagen membrane was seen at 2, 4 weeks but not seen at 8 weeks, and PRF membrane was also seen at 2 weeks but not seen at 4, 8 weeks.
Conclusion: PRF membrane was effective to regenerate the new bone in the bone defect using with osteoconductive graft materials. and the results suggested that PRF membrane could be replaced the collagen membrane in the clinic.
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Effect of platelet-rich fibrin membrane on a defect in the rabbit calvarium
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Won, Young-Hun
일반대학원 치의학과
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조선대학교 대학원, 치의학과
원영훈. (2010). 가토의 두개골 결손부에서 platelet-rich fibrin 차단막의 효과.
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