치실을 이용한 인접면 접촉 형성에 대한 평가

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Proximal contact is the surface which is close, combine or contact to the adjacent tooth in same arch. Appropriate contact with adjacent teeth play an important role, not only in stability and maintenance of dentition, but also in maintaining healthy periodontal tissue. Therefore, prostheses have to be harmonized with oral system and periodontal tissue to maintain the recovered status of teeth restored by prostheses.
The importance of appropriate contact between teeth has been accepted in dentistry, however, there has been few studies in difference and change of the size before and after the restoration. Purpose: The aim of the study was to recover the original tooth contact and maintain the harmony of oromaxillofacial system. When crown prostheses were applied in posterior teeth within the range of measurable tooth contact where crowns were needed. Materials and methods: We measured contact tightness before and after the restoration in 12 subjects who needed, single tooth restoration with crown. When contact tightness was measured, subjects were maintained as upright position for an hour before the experiment and was avoided of any food. from an hour before the experiment to the end of the experiment. Subjects were at rest position so that contact between there were no contact between upper and lower dentition and we measured contact tightness before the preparation. Here, occlusal contact and loading which occurred during swallowing of clenching were accepted.
The periods of measurement were right after setting the prostheses, 3 days after, 1 week after, 2 weeks after and 4 weeks after the setting. Frideman test was used to compare the values. Results: Contact tightness loaded with dental flows was bigger than contact tightness before initial preparation. Contact tightness of the prostheses of 1-2 weeks after the setting was similar to that before the preparation, tightness of 2-4 weeks after the setting showed little change and maintained constant contact tightness. Conclusions: It is considered that prosthetic restoration harmonizing contact point with adjacent teeth would be possible by allowing constant contact tightness before and after the restoration when casting prostheses are fabricated.
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Evaluation of interproximal contact tightness using dental floss
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Na Hyun Joon
일반대학원 치의학과
일반대학원 치의학과
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나현준. (2009). 치실을 이용한 인접면 접촉 형성에 대한 평가.
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