복합전도성 충전재를 사용한 섬유강화 복합재료의 전자파 차폐 특성에 관한 연구

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Due to the rapid growth of the electrical and electronic devices, which emit electromagnetic energy in the same frequency bands used by other users, it becomes essential to limit and shield electronic equipment against all source of interference caused by all these electromagnetic energies. In recent years, plastic industries have been increasingly involved with electronic devices such as TVs, office automatic instruments, computers etc.
Because of the need for these housing to attenuate electromagnetic interference(EMI) and radio frequency interference(RFI), the technique of imparting shielding to EMI transparent polymers has received a great deal of attention. The EMI is basically electrical in nature and is due to unwanted electromagnetic emission being either radicated or conducted.
Metal is considered to be the most effective material for electromagnetic shielding, but it is expensive and heavy. On the other hand, the use of polymer for housing the electronic device is popular due to its light weight, flexibility and less cost to make. Nowadays, housing of most electronic appliances is in plastics for the advantages of not only high production, light weight and design freedom, but also being natural insulator and reflection and/or absorbing EMI free.
The objective of this thesis is to investigate the influence of material composition and design on to the electromagnetic interference shielding characteristics. Several fiber reinforced composite specimens consisting of general copper meshes, fine copper meshes, aluminum films, glass fiber, carbon fiber and stainless fibers were manufactured to perform the electromagnetic interference shielding experiments. In order to soak(absorb) the specimen in electromagnetic fields, flanged coaxial transmission line sample holder was fabricated according to ASTM D 4935-89. Electromagnetic shielding effiency (EMSE) was measured quantitatively to examine the electromagnetic shielding characteristics of designed specimens. The range of frequency considered is 300 - 1500MHz.
The result of electromagnetic interference shielding experiments showed that maximum EMSE value of specimens with general and fine copper meshes were 60dB at a frequency of 600 MHz and 70dB at a frequency of 1500 MHz, respectively. The maximum EMSE value of sandwich type specimen, which consist of both two skin sheet with stainless fibers and core with glass fibers, was 80dB at a frequency of 1500 MHz. From these results, it was noted that the sandwich type specimen consisting of skin sheets with stainless fibers and core with glass fibers has an excellent electromagnetic interference shielding characteristics in a high frequency range of electromagnetic wave.
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A Study on the Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Characteristics of Fiber Reinforced Composites with Hybrid Conductive Filler
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Bae, Ji Soo
일반대학원 기계공학과
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Table Of Contents
목 차


제 1 장 서 론 1
1.1 연구배경 및 동향 1
1.2 연구목적 및 방법 2

제 2 장 전자파차폐 이론 4
2.1 전자파란 4
2.2 전자파 차폐이론 6
2.3 재료의 전자기적 물성 9
2.4 전자파 반사, 투과, 흡수 10

제 3 장 전자파 차폐효과 측정법 14
3.1 Half-wave dipole 안테나를 이용한 전자파 차폐효과 측정 14
3.2 ASTM-D-4935 방법을 통한 전자파 차폐효과 측정 14
3.3 전자파 차폐 재료의 임피던스 측정에 의한 간접 측정 16

제 4 장 시험편 제작 18
4.1 메탈파우더와 카본블랙을 충전제로 사용한 섬유강화 복합재료 제작 18
4.2 알루미늄 필름, 도전성 직조섬유 / 나노카본블랙 복합재료 시험편 제작 24
4.3 스테인레스 직조섬유 구조에 따른 섬유강화 복합재료 시험편 제작 28
4.4 Fine copper mesh, General copper mesh, Aluminum film을 사용한 유리 섬유강화 복합재료 시험편 제작 37

제 5 장 전자파 차폐효율 측정 43
5.1 Half-wave dipole 안테나를 이용한 전자파 차폐효과 측정 43
5.2 플랜지형 동축 전송선 치구를 이용한 차폐 효율 측정 44

제 6 장 실험결과 및 고찰 46
6.1 GF 시험편과 CF 시험편의 전자파 차폐효과 46
6.2 메탈 파우더의 첨가량에 따른 전자파 차폐효과 47
6.3 카본블랙의 첨가량에 따른 전자파 차폐효과 51
6.4 알루미늄 필름, 도전성 직조섬유/나노카본블랙 복합재료 시험편의 차폐효과 53
6.5 스테인레스 직조섬유 구조에 따른 섬유강화 복합재료 시험편의 차폐효과 56
6.6 Fine copper mesh, General copper mesh, Aluminum film 을 이용한 시험편의 전자파 차폐효과 60

제 7 장 결론 63

배지수. (2009). 복합전도성 충전재를 사용한 섬유강화 복합재료의 전자파 차폐 특성에 관한 연구.
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