치과위생사 직무와 개인의 창의성과 조직의 분위기에 의한 자기평가 조사연구

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Objectives; The awareness of health care need increasing attention from the public along with changing professional human-resources activity. As there are increasing social demand for the roles and professionalism of dental hygienists, the purpose of this study was to examine the job performance, creativity and organizational climate of dental hygienists by their own self-diagnostic evaluation in an attempt to help enhance their work ability.

Material and Methods; According to the data released as August 2008 by the Dental Association and public health centers in Gwangju, 735 dental hygienists worked at 425 dental clinics. The subjects in this study were 156 dental hygienists at 85 dental clinics who were selected by proportionate sampling method the dental hygienists. After an interview survey was conducted in person, the answer sheets from 132 respondents were analyzed except 24 incomplete ones. The questionnaire used in this study consisted of 49 items. Out of the items, 19 items were extracted from the National Health Personnel Licensing Examination Board's dental hygienist job description, and self-diagnostic evaluation of 23 items were utilized, which covered 16 individual creativity and 7 organizational climate items. A five-point Likert scale(zero to 4 scores) was used and SPSS 12.0 program was analyzed the data.

1.As a result of checking the types of works, oral health education often(45%) and treatment cooperation(54%) were high-frequency works performed by the dental hygienists investigated. They weren't responsible for preventive treatment(42%).
2.When they made a self-diagnostic evaluation of creativity and organizational climate, they put the highest value on their autonomy (2.21), followed by positive attitude(2.10). Out of seven organizational climate, challenging spirits(2.81) ranked highest, followed by reliability(2.66).
3.The group of dental hygienists who found themselves not to be creative cooperated with dentists during treatment often, and those who deemed themselves to have a positive attitude(2.53) and to be autonomous(2.55) offered oral health education frequently. The dental hygienists who considered themselves to have a good interpersonal relationship and to take a negative attitude were mainly responsible for treatment cooperation. Those whose organizational climate was better were mainly in charge of treatment cooperation(2.41), and those whose organizational climate was worse were responsible for treatment cooperation(2.51) as well.
4.According to the results of the self-diagnostic evaluation, the dental hygienists who were mainly in charge of health insurance affairs and patient management offered oral health education the most, and those who were mainly responsible for duties related to treatment room mostly cooperated with dentists during treatment.
5.As for individual creativity, the dental hygienists who rated themselves as having a good interpersonal relationship and autonomous were mainly in charge of oral health education, and those who didn't were mostly responsible for treatment cooperation. As for organizational climate, the dental hygienists were mostly in charge of treatment cooperation, no matter whether their organizational climate was good or bad.

Conclusion; Relationship of Job's role and self-evalution of dental hygienists should be more develop to study systematically.

keyword; Dental Hygienist, Self-Evaluation, Creativity, Organizational Climate
Alternative Title
A Study on the Self-Evaluation of Job Performance, Creativity and Organizational Climate
Alternative Author(s)
Hong sun hwa
보건대학원 구강보건학
보건대학원 구강보건학
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Table Of Contents
I. 서론
1. 연구의 필요성
2. 연구의 이론적 배경
3. 연구 목적

II. 연구대상 및 방법
1. 연구 대상
2. 연구 방법
3. 자료 분석

III. 연구 결과
3.1. 연구대상자 일반적 특성
3.2. 업무 분야별 수행여부 분석
3.2.1. 구강보건교육분야 수행여부 분석결과
3.2.2. 예방진료행위분야 수행여부 분석결과
3.2.3. 진료협조분야 수행여부 분석결과
3.2.4. 3대 업무분야별 수행여부 분석결과
3.2.5. 일반적 특성에 따른 3대 업무분야별 수행여부
3.3. 자기진단평가 요인 영역별 분석
3.3.1. 개인의 창의성 요인 하위영역별 분석결과
3.3.2. 조직의 분위기 요인 하위영역별 분석결과
3.3.3. 자기진단평가 순위 분석결과
3.4. 자기진단평가 점수 집단별 3대 업무수행비교
3.5. 주요 관리업무별 자기진단평가 비교
3.5.1. 주요 관리업무별 개인의 창의성 비교
3.5.2. 주요 관리업무별 조직의 분위기 비교
3.6. 자기진단점수와 3대 수행업무와의 상관관계

IV. 총괄 및 고안
Ⅴ. 결론
홍선화. (2008). 치과위생사 직무와 개인의 창의성과 조직의 분위기에 의한 자기평가 조사연구.
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