실버세대를 위한 광고의 레이아웃 유형에 관한 연구:신문 잡지 등 의약품 광고를 중심으로

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Korea is becoming an ageing society due to increased number of the aged people like the U.S.A., EC, and Japan in 2000s, and it is expected that the rate of the aged people will keep increasing. It indicates that our life style will change a lot. As demands relating to the elderly have increased, products and services for them have also increased, and as the elderly people with financial capability emerge, markets where their features and taste are reflected are being formed.
Therefore, in advertisements, marketing strategies and analyses for the elderly people should be developed. To identify how to make printed matter which fits for their features, we have to understand their psychological and physical features, and layout of ads preferred by them.
Layout is designed to obtain an effective composition through simple and impressive arrangement and organization of visual things in design and relies on the visual perception and reaction of viewers. Images represented through types, forms and colors in layout give different impressions to viewers.
This study selected the ads in newspaper as the most trustful media to represent layout and focused on visual response of the elderly people through composition of layout with limits to arrangement of space and movement of gazes. Based on the results, we identify whether there is a connection between the elderly people and how to develop effective printed matter, targeting the elderly people.
This study consists of 6 chapters and chapter 1 presents the background, purposes and methods of the study.
Chapter 2 describes theoretical background of the old people. Through bibliographical research, we identify the concept and characteristics of the elderly people, and look at the types of silver industries and future prospect.
Chapter 3 looks at the representational types of newspaper ads, and attempts to analyse layout in artistic view.
Chapter 4 examines the current status of printed ads for silver products and analyses them through examples. And they are categorized and analysed according to types of layout. Layout is categorized into two types: space partition layout and gaze movement layout.
Chapter 5 sets a hypothesis, presents how to investigate, and analyses the results. For this, we interview the elderly using a questionnaire and carry statistical analyses and tests of the results.
Chapter Ⅵ presents results and limitation of the study, and suggestions on effective layout for the elderly.

This study focuses on visual reaction of the elderly people through presenting layouts with space partition and sight movement. Based on the results, we identify whether there is a connection between the old people. As a result, we found that the two types of layout are related to age, family and education as demo-statistical variables.
First, for layouts for the elderly, dynamic arrangement around pictures was effective.
Second, dynamic but stable ads were more effective than those with static and negative composition.
In general, such layout had visual influence on the elderly people. The size of components in ads had an important influence on visual focus and grouping of components induced gazes to move.

As above, this study identified whether there is a connection between old people according to space partition and gaze movement. And it is expected that the results of the study will be helpful data on impressive layout to the elderly people.

Keyword_ Layout, Ad design, Old people
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A study of layout type that ads for old people:Print ads of medicine to the center
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Park, Su Jin
일반대학원 시각정보미디어학과
일반대학원 시각정보미디어학과
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Table Of Contents
목 차

제 Ⅰ 장 서 론 1
제 1 절 연구의 배경 및 목적 1
제 2 절 연구의 범위 및 방법 2

제 Ⅱ 장 실버세대의 이론적 배경 3
제 1 절 실버세대의 정의 3
제 2 절 실버세대의 특성과 변화 5
1. 신체적 특성 5
2. 심리적 특성 6
3. 실버세대의 변화 8
제 3 절 실버산업의 개념 및 유형 11
제 4 절 실버산업의 전망 13

제 Ⅲ 장 신문광고 레이아웃의 조형적 분석 14
제 1 절 신문광고 표현 유형분석 14
1. 소구 유형 14
2. 실행 유형 15
3. 비주얼 유형 17
4. Copy의 유형 19
5. 타이포그라피의 유형 20
제 2 절 레이아웃의 조형적 분석 23
1. 레이아웃의 개념과 역할 23
2. 레이아웃의 원리와 유형 24
3. 레이아웃의 구성요소 31
4. 레이아웃과 그리드시스템 33

제 Ⅳ 장 실버상품의 광고인쇄물 현황 및 분석 34
제 1 절 실버상품의 인쇄광고 현황 및 사례분석 34
1. 실버상품의 인쇄광고 현황 34
2. 기존광고의 사례분석 35
제 2 절 표현유형에 따른 실버상품의 인쇄광고 구분 42
1. 분할에 의한 레이아웃 42
2. 시선의 이동에 의한 레이아웃 51

제 Ⅴ 장 소비자 선호도 조사 분석 54
제 1 절 가설설정 54
1. 레이아웃의 분할유형과 실버세대들과의 연관성 54
2. 시선의 이동과 실버세대들과의 연관성 54
제 2 절 자료수집 56
1. 조사목적 및 범위 56
2. 설문조사 분석방법 57
제 3 절 결과분석 58
1. 분할유형에 의한 조사 분석 58
2. 시선의 이동에 의한 조사 분석 65
3. 분석에 따른 제안 73

제 Ⅵ 장 결론 64
제 1 절 연구의 결과 74
제 2 절 연구의 한계점 및 향후 방향 76

박수진. (2008). 실버세대를 위한 광고의 레이아웃 유형에 관한 연구:신문 잡지 등 의약품 광고를 중심으로.
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