불소함유 접착테이프의 상아질 지각과민증 치료효과

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In this clinical research, the fluoride tape (SCMC-5-T) using fluoride (NaF) which is known as one of the most effective ways to treat the teeth hypersensitivity was developed and manufactured and the treatment effect of the fluoride tape in dentin hypersensitivity patients was evaluated and compared with the effect of existing fluoride varnish (CavityShieldTM).
Twenty two patients (88 teeth) having dentin hypersensitivity participated in this clinical research and they were divided into two groups of 11 patients in which one group is an experimental group treated with attachment of the fluoride tape and the other is the group treated with application of the fluoride varnish. The fluoride product was applied according to the manufacturer's instruction and the level of pain in the tooth after giving irritation using compressed air and ice stick was measured just after the application, after 3 days, after a week and after 4 weeks each using visual analog scale (VAS).
In the experimental group, VAS scores were 38.636 (air), 62.273 (ice) at an early stage, 30,273 (air), 49.545 (ice) after 3 days, 28.182 (air), 40.000 (ice) after one week, and 26.364 (air), 37.727 (ice) after 4 weeks. Compared with the early VAS scores, all other VAS scores showed the significant decreases statistically.
In the control group, VAS scores were 42.274 (air), 65.909 (ice) at an early stage, 34.091 (air), 55.909 (ice) after 3 days, 28.636 (air), 40.909 (ice) after one week, 27.727 (air), 31.364 (ice) after 4 weeks. All VAS scores except the VAS score of 34.091 (air) measured 3 days after (using the irritation examination by the compressed air) showed the significant decreases statistically when compared with the early VAS scores.
The fluoride tape used in this clinical research was able to treat the dentin hypersensitivity effectively. Also, when compared to the treatment effect of the fluoride varnish, statistically, no significant difference was shown.
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The therapeutic effect of fluoride-containing adhesive tape on dentin hypersensitivity
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Jang Hyang Gil
일반대학원 치의학과
일반대학원 치의학과
이 상 호
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장향길. (2008). 불소함유 접착테이프의 상아질 지각과민증 치료효과.
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