일부 제조업 근로자의 청력보호구 착용 요인

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This study aims to identify factors in respect to use or use intention of hearing protection for prevention of noise-induced hearing loss among some workers of manufacturing using a health promotion model. For the purpose, 116 workers who were exposed to the noise level above 85dB were interviewed using organized questionnaire containing free response questions from April 19 to 27, 2004. The data collected were analysed and the results are presented as follows:
1. The composition of the subjects was : mean age of the subjects was 27.7; their mean working years were 46.0 months; and 87.9% of female ones and 12.1% of male ones.
2. 48.0 percent of the subjects used hearing protection for last one week and 59.3% showed intention to use hearing protection in one week.
2. The factors involved in the use rate of hearing protection for the last one week were analysed using a health promotion model and the results were: as the perceived barriers in respect to hearing protection was lower (p<0.001), the perceived self efficacy was higher(p<0.001) and negation of activity-related affect was higher, the hearing protection use rate was significantly higher(p<0.01). However, a significant relation was not observed from the factors such as perceived health status, perceived benefits, immediate competing demands and preferences, and interpersonal influences that showed significant relation in a simple analysis (p>0.05).
3. As factors in respect to hearing protection use intention in one week indicated: as perceived self-efficacy was higher, the intersectional rate of use intention increased significantly to 1.47times (95% reliability 1.11~1.93); However, no significant relation was observed from several factors such as perceived benefits, disorders, interpersonal influences and situational influences that showed significant relation in a simple analysis(p>0.05).
Finally, it was concluded that as the perceived factors such as self-efficacy and perceived disorder influence significantly the hearing protection use of the worker, they should be carefully considered in developing a program to increase hearing protection use.
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Factors influencing use of hearing protection among some worker
조선대학교 대학원
보건대학원 보건학과
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신승옥. (2004). 일부 제조업 근로자의 청력보호구 착용 요인.
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