해안경관 구성요소의 이미지평가에 관한 연구

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Automobile, train and airplane have been major traffic means connecting cities in Korea. Every city considers road as the center connecting regions and evaluates and plans street and suggests its improvement methods.
Change of citizens' orientation resulted in utilization of cruise ship because they considered coastal space as the object of rest, leisure or tourism with the execution of a five day week system and coastal landscape plan has been also emerged as a new paradigm.
Tourism of coastal region and major patterns of coastal landscape tourism can be classified into two types.
The first type is tourism seeing inland area on the cruise ship through sea route adjacent to coastal cities and the second type is utilization of space located at seaside, that is, that of road adjacent to coast, beaches and space within coastal cities for marine leisures like yachting.
While planned researches of urban street view and waterside spaces included in inland area which are the subjects of the second tourism type have been actively conducted, guidelines of coastal landscape planning including coastal landscape in coastal cities and seeing coastal cities on the cruise ship through sea route not land route in preparation for the port logistics pattern and various demands for leisure are very lacking.
Coastal landscape plan seeing the land from the sea route is required and it is time to draw physical improvements of image evaluation by establishing how to evaluate image in that coastal landscape is based on image.
This study selects and examines view spots of coastal landscape seen from the sea centering around Yeosu and Mokpo which are representative coastal cities in Jeonnam region.
Therefore, this study examines physical and psychological characteristics of coastal landscape centering around views seen from the sea in Mokpo and Yeosu, suggests improvements through examination of criterion of satisfaction with coastal landscape and aims to provide basic materials for efficiency on future coastal landscape plan.
This study consists of five parts.
First, it suggests clarification of the purpose of research through theoretical and preceding researches on coastal landscape.
Second, it analyzes concept of landscape, theoretical investigation of coastal landscape and trend of researches on coastal landscape at home and abroad as theoretical researches.
Third, it examines physical components and psychological evaluation factors of types by view spot using coastal landscape slide in Mokpo and Yeosu which are spatial range of examination as the preliminary research stage.
Fourth, it calculates necessity of improving factors through analysis of satisfaction and priority of physical and psychological components evaluation factors and priority of each factor is suggested.
Fifth, it presents prior planning factors to improve physical and psychological components evaluation factors in planning coastal landscape and suggests its utilization methods.
The results of this study can be summarized as follows.
First, items showing affirmative reaction based on satisfaction with physical and psychological evaluation factors and evaluation of each view spot should be protected and managed more thoroughly and those showing negative reaction should be managed by priority from necessity of improvement in planning coastal landscape.
Second, items of physical components evaluation showing most frequency and improvement include 6 types in size of buildings and 4 cluster type of buildings. Three items such as height and plan of buildings and street facilities required more improvement. Consequently, there are a little differences in physical components by each view spot, but size and cluster type of buildings require more improvements on the whole.
Third, as a result of examining physical and psychological evaluation factors based on necessity of their improvements, size and cluster type of buildings had a great influence on satisfaction and it has been interpreted that it is related to unity and harmony of the whole landscape and clarity is involved with plan type and height of buildings. Therefore, it is judged that these factors should be improved first in planning coastal landscape in Mokpo and Yeosu regions.
This study has a limitation that it is research on coastal landscape seen from one view spot in the sea and with definite examinees. But, it will be significant that clear standards are examined by satisfaction with each component of coastal landscape plan and priority of each evaluation item is suggested.
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A Study on the Image Evaluation of Coastal Landscape Components
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No, Young-Ran
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 건축공학과
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Table Of Contents
1. 서론 = 1
1.1. 연구의 배경 및 목적 = 1
1.1.1. 연구의 배경 = 1
1.1.2. 연구의 목적 = 2
1.2. 연구의 범위 및 방법 = 4
1.2.1. 연구의 범위 = 4
1.2.2. 연구의 구성과 방법 = 5
1.3. 기존 연구 동향 = 9
1.3.1. 국내 도시수변공간관리의 최근동향 = 9
1.3.2. 국내연구 및 계획사례 = 10
1.3.3. 국외연구 및 계획사례 = 13
2. 해안경관 이론 및 분석 평가 지표 = 17
2.1. 해안경관의 개념과 특성 = 17
2.1.1. 해안경관의 정의 및 범위 = 17
2.2. 해안경관의 구성요소 = 21
2.2.1. 물리적 및 지형적 구성요소 = 21
2.2.2. 경관 시지각 특성과 지각요소 = 27
2.3. 해안경관 분석 기법과 평가 지표 = 33
2.3.1. 해안경관 분석의 요소 = 33
2.3.2. 해안경관 평가 방법 = 35
2.3.3. 해안경관 평가 지표 = 40
2.4. 본 연구의 실험 평가 지표 설정 = 42
3. 조망점(View pointfield)선정 및 현황분석 = 44
3.1. 해안경관의 조망점 선정 및 조사 방법 = 45
3.1.1. 주요 조망점 선정기준 = 45
3.1.2. 사례연구 대상지 공간적 범위 선정 및 조망점 선정 = 48
3.2. 해안경관 분석을 위한 평가 항목 선정 = 55
3.2.1. 물리적 구성요소 평가 항목 선정 = 55
3.2.2. 심리적 구성요소 평가 항목 선정 = 58
3.3. 조사대상 조망점별 해안경관의 현황 = 64
3.3.1. 해안경관 조망점별 구성요소 및 특성현황 = 64
3.4. 종합 = 75
4. 해안경관 조망점별 만족도 요인 분석 = 76
4.1. 분석 개요 = 76
4.2. 해안경관 조망점별 물리적 구성요소 반응 평가 = 77
4.2.1. 해안경관의 물리적 구성요소 전체 만족도 평가 = 77
4.2.2. 해안경관 조망점별 물리적 구성요소 반응 평가 = 78
4.3. 해안경관의 조망점별 심리적 반응 평가 = 88
4.3.1. 심리 평가항목의 전체 만족도 평가 = 88
4.3.2. 조망점에 따른 심리적 평가 만족도 = 89
4.4. 요인분석에 의한 형용사 어휘 심리축 추출 = 95
4.5. 소결 = 106
5. 해안경관 만족도에 미치는 요인별 영향력 및 개선 필요도 분석 = 109
5.1. 조망점별 물리적 구성요인의 영향력분석 = 109
5.2. 조망점별 심리적 평가항목의 영향력분석 = 114
5.3. 개선 필요도 산출 및 인자별 개선 순위 = 119
5.3.1. 물리적 구성요소의 개선 필요도 산출 = 119
5.3.2. 심리적 만족도에 인자별 불만족도및 중요도 표준치수화 = 125
5.4. 소결 = 130
6. 결론 = 134
조선대학교 대학원
노영란. (2008). 해안경관 구성요소의 이미지평가에 관한 연구.
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