운동선수들의 운동유형에 따른 건강체력 비교

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This research chooses 5 elite weight lifter and 5 Taekwondo player exercise type different investigate health connection physical strength over 3th and analyzed data. Data processing used t-test taking advantage of SPSS 12.0 figures program and main figure techniques rain parameter figure law doing application result following conclusion get.

1. Was construed that weight lifters are difference that is attentive being higher than Taekwondo player weight lifting and Taekwondo player's body special quality comparison. Weight lifters' corpulence degree is 113.43 and Taekwondo players by 94.77 laziness or weight lifters corpulence degree high. But, there was no difference in height, weight, standard weight etc.
2. Corpulence style of weight lifter is 25.0% in weight lifter and Taekwondo player's corporal punishment comparison, corpulence style 25.0%, corpulence style 25.0% ranges by ordinary elder brother 33.3% and there are many corpulence styles little. Taekwondo players appeared by thin types 10.0%, that thin types keeps in mind according to Chi-square verification result being many for back thin types 70.0% little.
3. Showed laziness or difference by thing that weight lifters are tall in weight lifter and Taekwondo player's cycle and comparative analysis result maximum blood pressure of heart exhaust ability and minimum blood pressure in weight lifting and Taekwondo player's cycle and heart exhaust ability special quality comparison. There is no difference in heart beat, capacity of the lung, standard capacity of the lung, %Capacity of the lung.
4. According to weight lifter's age change state of physical strength as result that analyze comparison age high maximum oxygen intake amount, sit-up, getting down push-up, appeared by standing high, difference that die and appeared by thing that increase from one leg stand, and keep in mind from other physical strength measurement item is not. Appeared difference A that is not that keep in mind according to result that compare Taekwondo player's physical strength by rain parameter statistics. Therefore, can see that there is no special in difference physical strength in athletes.

In this research is looked should be developed more various program for development that have at athlete type playing the first stones for 8 weeks station and Taekwondo training that influence in health physical strength and body development know can but present correct measurement data because forward research develops various program with little more many number of persons and athletes' health physical strength and bodily balance.
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Kim, Eui-Chul
일반대학원 체육학과
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Table Of Contents
I. 서 론 1
1. 연구의 필요성 1
2. 연구목적 4
3. 연구의 가설 4
4. 연구의 제한점 4
II. 이론적 배경 5
1. 유산소 운동 5
2. 무산소 운동 6
3. 저항운동 7
4. 비만과 운동유형 7
1) 비만의 정의 7
2) 여성과 비만 8
5. 체력과 건강 9
1) 체력의 개념 9
2) 체력 요소와 건강의 관계 12
3) 건강과 운동의 이해 13
6. 체력 육성과 운동 형태 24
1) 웨이트 트레이닝의 기본원리 24
2) 근수축의 형태 26
3) 웨이트 트레이닝의 방법 27
7. 건강관련 기초체력 33
1) 심폐지구력(cardiorespiratory fitness) 34
2) 근력/근지구력 35
3) 유연성(flexibility) 35
4) 신체구성(body composition) 36
5) 건강체력과 관련된 선행 연구 37
III. 연구방법 38
1. 연구의 대상 38
2. 실험 절차 38
1) 신체조성 측정내용 39
2) 기초체력검사 39
3) 측정방법 및 절차 40
3. 통계처리 방법 42
IV. 연구결과 43
V. 논 의 50
VI. 결 론 54
김의철. (2007). 운동선수들의 운동유형에 따른 건강체력 비교.
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