HSV 칼라 색인을 이용한 CBIR 검색 시스템 설계

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A variety of web services are needed due to development of information and communication network and rapid increase of the Internet demand, but as data of enormous volume are needed for services on the multimedia data, which causes overload in network, it is hard to provide quick and various services.
Therefore, as a rapid development of multimedia technology and increase of population to use internet, the necessity of retrieval system for various images on the web is on the rise.
There are two kinds of image retrieval system on the web. One is a system that retrieval to present images from the image database contained in the server in itself through web interface. The other is a system that present the results of retrieval by the text-based retrieval method for the images on the web. The former is high in the confidence level, but is not satisfactory for the web user's needs that make request for various images on the web. The latter can retrieve the number of various images on the web, but has the problem of the fall in responsibility for retrieval.
To solve the problem, MPEG-7, which is an international standard of meta data representation in multimedia, was established in early 2002. accompanied by development of various types of services.
Also, an incorporating service is becoming a matter of common interest because a variety of users require One-Source Multi-Use which was designed to apply multimedia services at various platform.
In this background, this paper suggested a image retrieval system using HSV color index. It extract a representative value of each block which divide a fit image into a block of prescribed approximate figures. In the following, it assigned index code value which divided color space of HSV into 24 fragments through compared a representative value of HSV. Lastly, it output a high degree of matching image to calculate a distribution in the color space of each blocks. A index code of overall image is saved in the database and search for wanting image use this on the web.
Proposed system constructed web-based multimedia retrieval system with JSP to verify the suggested system and simulated it by using several images.
Alternative Title
Design of an Content based CBIR System Using HSV Color Index
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Beak, jong-hyun
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 정보통신공학과
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Table Of Contents
그림목차 = iii
표목차 = v
Abstract = vi
I. 서론 = 1
A. 연구의 배경 및 목적 = 1
B. 연구의 내용 및 구성 = 5
II. 멀티미디어 관리 = 시스템
A. MPEG (Moving Picture Expert Group) = 6
1. MPEG의 표준화 동향 = 6
2. MPEG-7 표준 = 8
B. 멀티미디어 정보 추출 = 12
1. Color = 12
2. Texture = 22
3. Shape = 23
III. 검색 엔진 = 25
A. 이미지 정보의 검색 방법 = 25
1. 문자 기반 검색 = 25
2. 의미론적 기반 검색 = 26
3. 내용 기반 검색 시스템 = 26
IV. 시스템 설계 = 31
A. 기술자 설계 = 31
1. 내용 기반 검색 시스템 설계 = 31
2. 인터페이스 설계 = 35
V. 구현 및 분석 = 36
A. 구현 = 36
1. 시스템의 구성 = 36
2. 사용 이미지 = 36
3. 구현 시스템 = 38
B. 분석 = 41
1. 색상 분산차 코렐로그램을 이용한 방법 I = 41
2. 색상 분산차 코렐로그램을 이용한 방법 II = 43
3. 제안한 알고리즘 = 44
VI. 결론 및 향후 연구 = 46
참고문헌 = 47
조선대학교 대학원
백종현. (2006). HSV 칼라 색인을 이용한 CBIR 검색 시스템 설계.
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