수종의 이장재가 복합레진의 중합수축에 미치는 영향

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the polymerization contraction of composite resin(Tetric ceram, Ivoclar Vivadent, Liechtenstein) according to various liner(Tetric flow, Ivoclar Vivadent, Liechtenstein/ Ionosit, DMG, German/ Vitrebond, 3M-ESPE, USA). The strain gauge method was used for measurement of polymerization shrinkage strain. Specimens were divided by 8 groups according to curing units and liners.
Group A, E: Tetric ceram bulk filling, Group B, F: Tetric flow lining, Tetric Ceram filling, Group C, G: Ionosit lining, Tetric Ceram filling, Group D, H: Vitrebond lining, Tetric Ceram filling
Group A, B, C and D were cured using the conventional halogen light (XL3000, 3M ESPE, USA) for 40 seconds at 400mW/㎠. Group E, F, G and H were cured using light emitted diode(LED) light(Elipar Freelight 2, 3M-ESPE, USA) for 15 seconds at 800mW/㎠.
Strain gauge attached to each sample were connected to a strainmeter. Measurements were recorded at each second for the total of 750 seconds including the periods of light application.
Obtained data were analyzed statically using Repeated measures ANOVA and Tukey test.
The results of this are as follows:
1. In flowable resin and glass ionomer lining group was revealed lower contraction stress than compomer lining group.(p<0.05)
2. Contraction stress in sample of LED curing light groups were higher than halogen curing light groups, but they were not shown significant difference.(p>0.05)
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Effect of various liner on the polymerization shrinkage of composite resin
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 치의학과
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최지원. (2006). 수종의 이장재가 복합레진의 중합수축에 미치는 영향.
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