金融리스 契約에 관한 法的 硏究

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Financial leasing is defined as a contract that the lessor lets the lessee to use and profit by the object the lessee designated by acquiring or borrowing it sithout direct responsibility of maintenance and management, the lessee pays for it reguarly during the leasing term, and disposal of the object after termination shall be consented by each party.
Financial leasing had the effect of tax reduction and the preparation for technological deterioration as well as the merits in money supply and the improvement of financial structure of the business.
Many legal problems of financial leasing have not been sufficiently solved due to the lack of theoretical studies and legal regulations for the financial leasing transaction in reference to the aspects of private law.
The purpose of this article is to study the legal aspects of the finance lease transactions excepr accounting and taxation. Lease industry began in the US and is expected to continue to grow very quickly.
A financial lease is a contract involing payment over an obligatory period of specified sums sufficient in total to amortize the capital outlay of the lessor and give some profit.
An operating lease is any other type of lease. That is ti say, where the asset is not wholly amortized during the non-cancellable period, if any of the lease, and where the lessor does not rely for his profit on the rentals in the non-calcellable period. A financial lease is the dominant leasing method as equipment financing one Korea. The contract results is more increased to a great extene in the future. Therefore, it is thought that a great many legal disputes may occur betw the lessor and lessee surrounding the lease stipulations.
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A Legal Study on the Contract of Finance Lease
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Ku, Kyoung Young
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 법학과
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Table Of Contents
第 1 章 序論 = 1
第 1 節 硏究의 目的 = 1
第 2 節 硏究의 範圍 및 方法 = 2
第 2 章 金融리스契約의 一般論 = 3
第 1 節 금융리스의 개념 = 3
Ⅰ. 금융리스계약의 의의 및 성립 = 3
Ⅱ. 金融리스 契約의 法的 性質 = 6
Ⅲ. 리스契約의 機能 = 15
第 2 節 리스契約의 種類 = 22
Ⅰ. 기능에 의한 분류 = 22
Ⅱ. 거래형태에 의한 분류 = 28
Ⅲ. 기타의 분류 = 28
第 3 章 金融리스契約의 法律關係 = 30
第 1 節 당사자의 法律關係 = 30
Ⅰ. 리스계약의 성립 = 30
Ⅱ. 리스회사의 권리와 의무 = 30
Ⅲ. 리스이용자의 권리와 의무 = 34
Ⅳ. 공급업자의 권리와 의무 = 47
第 2 節 각국의 立法例 = 49
Ⅰ. 독일 = 49
Ⅱ. 일본 = 50
第 4 章 法律關係와 관련된 問題點과 改善方案 = 56
第 1 節 리스會社·리스利用者의 關係 = 56
Ⅰ. 하자담보책임면책 = 56
Ⅱ. 위험부담의 전환 = 63
Ⅲ. 리스계약의 중도해지 = 65
Ⅳ. 리스계약의 당사자의 파산 = 68
第 2 節 리스會社·供給者의 關係 = 71
Ⅰ. 供給者의 二重賣買 = 71
Ⅱ. 利用者의 物件受領拒絶 = 72
Ⅲ. 리스회사와 供給者의 業務提携 = 73
第 3 節 리스利用者·供給者의 關係 = 75
Ⅰ. 瑕疵擔保責任 = 75
Ⅱ. 物件의 引渡와 物件의 受領 = 76
第 5 章 結論 = 77
參考文獻 = 79
조선대학교 대학원
구경영. (2006). 金融리스 契約에 관한 法的 硏究.
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