Hearing Aids Specialized CMOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design

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Hearing Aid|CMOS analog design|low voltage op-amp|single-supply op-amp
The research is based on hearing aids specialized CMOS analog integrated chip (IC) design. The hearing aids IC design faces the challenges from the constraints of its special applications on In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aids. Firstly, The chip works on a single supply voltage of 1.3V. With the single supply, or we may say a single battery, the hearing aid can be made small enough to be completely put into the ear canal. Secondly, a low power dissipation is required. It makes the battery lasts longer, gets less thermal noise, etc.
The efforts on solutions to the two issues can be found on different areas. In this thesis, I tried short channel processes in order to get a low supply as well as a low power consumption.
I tried two different short channel processes, ANAM-0.18um and Samsung-0.18um. Two design methods, a optimization design and a transistor scale ratio design were also introduced. These methods achieve a high accuracy and efficiency on the prediction of deep-submicron device circuit parameters.
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보청기 전용 CMOS 아날로그 IC 칩 설계
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Chen, Ling Feng
朝鮮大學校 大學院
일반대학원 제어계측공학과
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Abstract = 12
Ⅰ. Preface = 13
Ⅱ. Introduction on Integrated Circuit Design = 15
A. Semi-Custom Design Flow = 16
B. Full-Custom Design Flow = 22
C. Mixed-Mode Design Flow = 24
Ⅲ. Operational Amplifier Building Blocks = 25
A. Differential Pairs = 26
B. Gain Stage = 32
C. Output Buffers = 34
Ⅳ. A Two-Stage Miller Compensation, Low voltage Op-amp = 39
A. Hand Calculation = 39
B. Optimization Design = 45
C. Simulation and Measurement = 50
D. Summary = 59
Ⅴ. Single-Supply, Low Voltage Op-amp = 61
A. Input Stage = 63
B. Gain Stage = 66
C. Output Stage = 68
D. Full Circuit Simulation and Test = 70
Ⅵ. Conclusion = 75
Ⅶ. References = 76
Ⅷ. Appendix = 77
A. Spice Netlist = 77
B. Library Information = 89
朝鮮大學校 大學院
陳凌峰. (2005). Hearing Aids Specialized CMOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design.
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