연구개발 관련조직 종사자의 경력몰입 및 지역사회 시민행동에 관한 연구

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Community citizenship behavior, Organizational citizenship behavior, Career Commitment, Transformational Leadership, Individual consideration, Intellectual stimulation
This thesis focus on an empirical research of Recently competitiveness of the country is derived from new technologies and the development and devoting intense efforts to improve industrial competitiveness by new technologies around the world. This technology is not simply the extent to develop the state of the art. This innovative and disruptive technologies and innovations province requires the skills of the situation, replacing the existing technology.
The changing paradigm of the country in the global market-leading industrialized countries in the past chasing type, time of creation, for producing a competitive edge by new technologies that did not exist in the original is now. Imagination and creativity were the times that are competitive and offer new technologies and creation of a fusion with creativity as a core value of the economy as an important core competencies.
To evaluate the effectiveness of research and development it was often focused on research and development organization for those. In other words, in many cases gajigoseo whether the research organization's R & D capabilities and the ability to focus out to create what results to determine the outcome of research and development.However, these organizations for research and development capacity of the middle support organization that serves to support these research and development organizations to create and relatively few cases that did not recognize its importance.In order to generate the final results of research and development organization it will support the capacity of the appropriate intermediate organizations to disseminate important support. And these intermediate support organization is also responsible leader, and there are workers to do.These include organizational structure and competencies of the members constituting the attitude can be determined depending on whether the performance of the organization therefore supports. After all, since the analysis of the organizational structure of the intermediate support structure actually it can be determined that the performance management is possible for the engine to perform the research and development.
R&D organization supports the important role of intermediate institutions how well employees are working to manage the resources needed for development and R&D research community than R&D development work itself and distribute them to agencies and management. And Even organizations that perform substantially in R & D work can not but consider the development of services for the community and region. Community citizenship behavior in such terms can be called an important role. Through this study, the results of these communities are developing a civil action separately caring for employees of the leader is important and needs to be stimulated through this immersive experience.
Therefore, the present study is to want to set up a community citizen action as a result variable and organize the working mechanism of the antecedents that influence these behaviors. Specifically to review the R&D related to a member of the organization's transformational leadership is perceived impact on the career commitment and community leaders through this social relationship of a civil action.
Implications that can be obtained from this study are as follows. First, organizational citizenship behavior has been the role behavior in the meantime the organization as a role other actions not yet been seriously recognized in the behavior of the sungineung role in an organization, career commitment of the leadership and membership on the Community civil action presented by its derivative concept It confirmed the leading role of the attitude variable. Care behaviors of leaders may finally emphasize that the ripple role in raising the bar, as well as career commitment of member communities. Intellectual stimulation is a transformational leader is important, but the basis is that there are caring behavior must exist.
Second, it is that marriage is practicable in the context of individual consideration of the leaders are appointed as important as the end result-oriented action, as well as end the leader should take into account the characteristics of consideration for others. This toughness is important for the leader role and should be emphasized that care. In addition, support will be needed to strengthen the organizational citizenship behavior in the community can sungineung role in the community. Members of the R & D-related organizations of the region are commonly perform a mediating role in the region to absorb and pass through a budgetary support from the government. These efforts for the development of the area will have to be laid at the root why. After all these communities for civic action, the role of leadership to strengthen self-important and there is a commitment to career and personal professional development and support to know the importance of the organizational dimension.
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The Research on the Career Commitment and Community Citizenship Behavior in R&D Related Institution
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Lee, Ju Young
조선대학교 경영대학원
경영대학원 경영학석사학위과정
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Table Of Contents
제 1 장 서 론 1

제 1 절 문제제기 및 연구의 필요성 1
제 2 절 연구 목적 4

제 2 장 이론적 배경 5

제 1 절 R&D 지원조직 5
1. R&D 지원조직의 필요성과 기능 5
2. R&D 지원조직의 체계 6

제 2 절 R&D 지원조직의 운영 체계 7
1. R&D 조직의 변혁적 리더십 7
2. 경력몰입 10
3. 지역사회 시민행동 11

제 3 장 연구방법 15

제 1 절 연구설계 15
1. 연구대상 및 자료수집 15
2. 연구모형 15
3. 측정도구 16
4. 자료분석 18
제 2 절 연구결과 20
1. 대상자의 특성 20
2. 적합도 평가 22
3. 적합도 검증 29
4. 가설검증 37

제 4 장 결론 및 시사점 41

설 문 지
조선대학교 경영대학원
이주영. (2016). 연구개발 관련조직 종사자의 경력몰입 및 지역사회 시민행동에 관한 연구.
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