대학 구기종목 운동선수들의 무산소성 파워와 코어근력에 대한 연구

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정재영 윤오남
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구기종목 무산소성 파워 코어근력 상호작용 Middle managers Self-leadership Career variables
본 연구의 목적은 대학 구기종목 운동선수들의 무산소성 파워가 코어근력에 미치는 영향을 살펴보고 서로간의 상호작용을 확인해보고자 한 것이다. 구기종목은 농구, 배구, 핸드볼로 구분하여 종목별로 6명씩 전체 18명을 선발하여 실험 하였다. 윙게이트 검사와 3차원 척추안정성 검사를 실시하였으며 SPSS 25.0을 이용하여 동질성 검정을 실시하였으며 비모수검정방법인 Kruskal Wallis 방법을 이용하고 Bonferroni 사후검정을 실시하고 Mann-Whitney U로 확인하였다. 다중회귀분석을 수행하여 상호작용을 확인하였으며, 통계적 유의수준은 p < .05로 설정하였다. 본 연구결과 농구, 배구, 핸드볼 종목 간 무산소성 파워의 통계적 유의한 차이는 나타나지 않았으며, 코어근력의 차이에서는 0°와 180°에서 통계적 유의한 차이가 나타났다. 이에 무산소성파워와 코어근력의 상호작용을 살펴보았으나 통계적 차이는 나타나지 않았다.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of anaerobic power on core strength of athletes in college ball games and to confirm their interaction. The ball games were divided into basketball, volleyball, and handball, and a total of 18 people were selected and tested by 6 people for each sport. Winggate test and 3-D spinal stability test were performed, and one-way variance analysis was performed using SPSS 25.0, and the Kruskal Wallis method, which is a nonparametric test method, was used, and Bonferroni post-test was performed and confirmed with Mann-Whitney U. Interaction was confirmed by performing multiple regression analysis, and the statistical significance level was set to p < .05. As a result of this study, there was no statistically significant difference in anaerobic power between basketball, volleyball, and handball events, and in the difference in core strength, there were statistically significant differences at 0° and 180°. Accordingly, the interaction between anaerobic power and core strength was examined, but there was no statistical difference.
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A Study on Anaerobic Power and Core Strength of Athletes in College Ball Games
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Jung, Jae-Young Yoon, Oh-Nam
Dept. of Taekwondo
Dept. of Physical Education
정재영. (2020-09). 대학 구기종목 운동선수들의 무산소성 파워와 코어근력에 대한 연구. 한국스포츠학회, 18(3), 1407-1415. doi: 10.46669/kss.2020.18.3.128
Journal paper
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