덩굴식물 소재개발을 위한 형질변이 연구

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문치호 주명칠
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natural mutation pattern pattern color shape mutation mutated plants
This study has been conducted for developing climbing plants which came into wide use on valuable landscaping as attachable plants of the pot-plants & slopes afforestation. The research result is as below by understanding spontaneous mutation of each individual, researching characteristic changes on shapes, sizes, patterns, stem & leaf color of mutated plants. 13 orders, 16 families, 21 species, total 80 types character variations are expressed from the naturally mutated climbing plants from the domestic field and mountains. Character variation expression ratio classified as order has been researched as follows; Gentianales 41%, Ranunculales 11%, Rhamnales 9%, Rosales 9%, Magnoliales 6%, Rubiales 4%, Liliales 4%, Urticales 4%, Myrtales 3%, Sapindales 3%, Umbelliflorae 3%, Parietales 3% and Tubiflorales 3%. The result of the expression research from the classified 15 pattern types is as follows; 11 species from scattered, 10 from splashed scattered, 5 from viridescence, 4 from thick margined, 3 from margined, 3 from settled snowy, 3 from reticulated splashed, 2 from center penetrated and 1 each from thinly margined/broadly margined/splashed margined/stripe/center concentrated/viridescence banded/blotched splashed. The pattern colors are expressed as ivory white 38%, light yellow 29%, yellow 14%, light green 12%, and white 9%. From the leaf mutated plants, the expression found from the microphyll of the Lonicera japonica/Ficus nipponica/Trachelospermum, ragged shape from the Ficus nipponica/Trachelospermum, azygos lobe/wave from/spiral/potato leaf shape from the Trachelospermum, cocks comb/circle from the Trachelospermum, deep splitting from the Kadsura japonica/Akebia quinata/Trachelospermum, all round from the Ficus nipponica/ Trachelospermum/Wistaria floribunda, and the stem pattern from the Berchemia racemosa. More than two mutations are expressed from the 6 orders, 6 families, 6 species, total 18 types. C grades are found from the Trachelospermum/Wistaria floribunda/Actinidia arguta. B grades are found from the Trachelospermum as microphyllic rim variegation spiral.
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The Character Variation Research on Climbing Plants Development
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Moon, chi-ho Joo myoung chil
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
문치호. (2016). 덩굴식물 소재개발을 위한 형질변이 연구, 공학기술논문지 | Vol.9, No.2 p.137 ~ p.142
Laboratory article
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