경제성 측면의 수직증축 리모델링 규모 결정 모델 : 상업건축물을 중심으로

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조규만 이지현 김태훈
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Vertical remodeling work Commercial building Economic analysis
Recently, remodeling work to the existing commercial and residential buildings has been briskly considered, because it is expected that remodeling of the existing buildings can bring an increase of their value. In addition, to permit vertical extension of the existing buildings makes remodeling market of commercial buildings be stimulated. When it comes to consider the vertical extension remodeling projects, one of the most important decision-making points from the view of project owner is an economic performance expected due to newly extended space. Therefore, this research developed a model enabling to suggest the economical volume, which can earn "minimum payback period" and/or "maximum net profit," of a particular vertical extension remodeling project by using several mathematical methodology. As a result of model application, it showed that the model can identify a vertical extension alternative having optimal performance in economic aspect. If the developed model is utilized, it'll be useful in determining whether remodeling project will be carried out or not for project owners planning vertical extension remodeling projects.
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Model for Determining an Economical Volume of Vertical Extension Remodeling Work : Foused on Commercial Buildings
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Cho Kyuman Lee Jihyun Kim Taehoon
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
조규만. (2016). 경제성 측면의 수직증축 리모델링 규모 결정 모델 : 상업건축물을 중심으로, 공학기술논문지 | Vol.9, No.2 p.111 ~ p.119
Laboratory article
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2016 > Vol.9, No.2
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