사무 공간의 성능위주설계를 위한 가연물의 연소발열특성 연구

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안상현 남동군
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Interior Boards Heat Release Rate Total Heat Release CO Concentration
The design fire sources based on the heat release rate of combustible materials heavily influences the evaluation result of a performance-based design(PBD). In the present PBD, however, limited information in foreign literature has been used without further verification due to the lack of fire information in domestic combustibles. The objective of the present study is to provide the information on HRR for various combustibles in office spaces. For this purpose, To end this, the fire experiments were carried out with single combustible, simulated office and meeting-room. The results of these tests showed that the peak heat release rate were 275 kW to 437 kW for chairs and 402 kW~892 kW for sofas. In particular, a sofa(3 peoples) had the highest fire risk in terms of the peak HRR, 1.5 MW, and the fire growth rate in meeting-room.
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Heat Release Characteristics of Typical Live Fire Load for Performance-Based Design in Offices
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Sang-Hyun An Dong-Gun Nam
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
안상현. (2017). 사무 공간의 성능위주설계를 위한 가연물의 연소발열특성 연구, 공학기술논문지 | Vol.10, No.4 p.445 ~ p.451
Laboratory article
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