40세 이하 여성에서 초음파 유도 진공 흡인 유방 조직 검사의 유용성

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최시현 김권천 김유석
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Biopsy Female Mammotome biopsy Vacuum Vacuum-assisted biopsy Young adult
Purpose: Ultra-sound guided Vacuum-assisted biopsy is now commonly used for benign breast lesions. Even if almost breast lesions in ultrasound device are benign lesion, some cases are required to take a biopsy. The purpose of this study is to evaluation of efficiency of Vacuumassisted biopsy for Korean women under 40 years old. Method: We retrospectively evaluated medical records and ultra-sound images of total 427 cases in 322 under 40 years old patients undergoing ultrasound-guided Vacuum-assisted biopsy of benign breast lesion from January 2009 to December 2017. And patients have been taking follow-up ultrasound imaging checking after 6 month and 12 month. We checked the presence of remnant lesions on the follow up imaging. Result: The mean age of the patients was 30.51 years. The mean diameter of all lesions was 0.76 cm. The most common post biopsy pathologic finding was fibrocystic change. The complete resection rate was 97.1% and the remnant lesion was benign lesion. Conclusion: Ultra-sound guided vacuum assisted breast biopsy is useful procedure for providing pathologic finding and treatment with less scars in Korean women under 40 years old.
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Si Hyun Choi Kweon Cheon Kim Yoo Seok Kim
조선대학교 의학연구원
최시현. (2020). 40세 이하 여성에서 초음파 유도 진공 흡인 유방 조직 검사의 유용성, MJCU | Vol.45, No.2 p.70 ~ p.74
Laboratory article
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