مراحل تطور النظرية التوليدية التحويلية

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Mohamed Moustafa Ahmed Younes
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natural languages active passive negation exclamation disapproval
Generative and Transformational theory realize, that the underlying rules of the human mind are known behind the formation of sentences in natural languages. The generative theory is a science that believes that any language can produce infinite number of sentences already contained in the language. Every human being who speaks a particular language is capable, at any time and spontaneously, of formulating, and understanding an infinite number of sentences in this language, but has never uttered most of it or heard before. The "transformative" is the science that studies the relationships between the various elements of the sentence, as well as the relationships between the possible sentences in a language. The transformative rule contribute to the transformation of the sentences from active to passive and from the question to its multiple meanings, such as negation, exclamation, disapproval and other different meanings of the question, and it helps us to clarify the surface structure of the sentence.
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The stages of evolution of Generative and Transformational theroy
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조선대학교 국제문화연구원
Mohamed Moustafa Ahmed Younes. (2018). مراحل تطور النظرية التوليدية التحويلية, 국제문화연구 | Vol.11, No.2 p.243 ~ p.260
Laboratory article
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