베트남에 진출한 호남한상기업의 경영활동과 네트워크 실태분석 연구

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이장섭 이석인
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Honam Global Korean Enterprises Honam Vietnam-Korean Enterprises Global Korean Enterprises Network business competency leading categories localization strategy
This is a first paper which analyzed the business activities and networks of Honam global korean enterprises. As its name, main implications of this paper are as follows. First, Most of Vietnam-Korean Enterprises have been sorted as small businesses. And Their main motivation of expansion is to cultivate the local(vietnam) market or to take advantages of Market potential. Secondly, result of survey has been showed that most of Vietnam-Korean Enterprises perceive their business competency as technology and intelligence capability. As a localization strategy, They hire local workers in making process. And Taxation information is responded as the most need information. Third, in terms of network between local and korean global companies, it has been showed they're satisfying with the network. In terms of Local law and institution system, most of Vietnam-Korean Enterprises have difficulties as it not fully prepared and some of laws are interpreted inconsistently. Through this paper, Korean Global Enterprises, Founders, job-seeker, they would get useful information.
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A Survey Analysis on the Business Activities and Network of Honam Vietnam-Korean Enterprises
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Lee, Jangsub
조선대학교 국제문화연구원
이장섭. (2020). 베트남에 진출한 호남한상기업의 경영활동과 네트워크 실태분석 연구, 국제문화연구 | Vol.13, No.1 p.255 ~ p.287
Laboratory article
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2020 > Vol.13, No.1
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