마리나 시설의 파고감쇠를 위한 소파장치에 대한 연구

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박제웅 김도정
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Marina Port Facility Ship Wave Wave Stabilization Numerical Simulation Water Tank Test
The marina port facility that need to a fixed temperature is affected by a lot of external force caused by ship wave due to frequent traffic count around the coast. These waves function as main cause that inhibits the stability of the moored sailing vessels and port facilities. In this study, Harbor and marina facilities are installed to secure sea waters and water tank tests were carried out numerical analysis. Fixed floating structures due to changes in wave height and fluid mechanical properties was evaluated. Marine environment was calculated according to the reduction of the wave. And the stationary floating structures due to changes in the shape of the wave characteristics and wave height suggests a stable shape. The relate wave stabilization was identified in the condition of Multi-body of flat panel and flat floating structure and expecially in the condition of λ/L=6.35, the wave stabilization was about 25% higher than water tank test of multi-body floating structure.
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A Study on the breakwater equipment of marina facilities for the attenuation of the wave
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Je-woong Park Do-Jung Kim
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
박제웅. (2018). 마리나 시설의 파고감쇠를 위한 소파장치에 대한 연구, 공학기술논문지 | Vol.11, No.2 p.101 ~ p.105
Laboratory article
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2018 > Vol.11, No.2
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