고려엉겅퀴로부터 폴리페놀과 플라보노이드 염기 열수추출 조건 최적화

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정현진 한여정 이도경 감다혜 김진우
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cirsium japonicum total phenolic compounds (TPC) Flavonoid
In this study, we developed a method for improving the production of polyphenol compounds and flavonoids from Korean thistle (Cirsium japonicum) extracts using hot-water extraction. In order to enhance the production of polyphenol compound and flavonoids, five independent variables (solvents, concentration, extraction time, extraction temperature, and solid-liquid ratio) were optimized. The results showed hot-water extraction using NaOH solution provided a higher total phenolic compounds (TPC) extraction than the organic solvents and the extraction using 1 N NaOH showed the highest production of TPC of 5.18 mg GAE/g DM. Among the tested variables, extraction temperature and time showed positive effects within tested levels of variables. The optimum extraction condition for TPC and flavonoids was obtained as follows: 1 N NaOH, extraction time of 40 min, reaction temperature of 120°C, and solid-liquid ratio of 10%(w/v). Under the optimum conditions of alkaline hot-water extraction, experimentally obtained TPC and flavonoid concentrations were 9.71 mg GAE/g DM and 2.23 mg QE/g DM, respectively. Therefore, alkaline hot-water extraction under mild condition was confirmed as an effective process for polyphenolic compounds and flavonoid production from Korean thistle.
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Optimization of alkaline hot-water extraction conditions for production of polyphenolic compounds and flavonoids from Korean thistle (Cirsium japonicum)
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Hyun Jin Jung Yea Jeng Han Do Kyoung Lee Da Hae Gam Jin Woo Kim
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
정현진. (2018). 고려엉겅퀴로부터 폴리페놀과 플라보노이드 염기 열수추출 조건 최적화, 공학기술논문지 | Vol.11, No.2 p.95 ~ p.99
Laboratory article
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2018 > Vol.11, No.2
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