레이저 간섭계를 이용한 GFRP평판의 충격속도에 따른 손상평가

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김정호 김지훈 김대영 장호섭 신광수
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Academia-Industrial Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Evaluate Internal Damage Damage Amount Shearography
The recent development of techniques in high-tech industries can be categorized into technical advances for safety and convenience and mechanical technology advancements for being ecologically friendly and lightweight. Under such circumstances, GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics), which is one of the representative lightweight materials, has attracted attention. In this study, GFRP flat plate, which is one of the composite materials for light weight, was subjected to free fall and high speed impact through GFRP flat plate to evaluate internal damage by external force such as external impact. The internal damage was evaluated and the following conclusions were obtained. In the damage evaluation according to the impact velocity of the GFRP plate, even if the impact energy collides with the same impact energy, the smaller the mass of the impact body and the faster the speed, the larger the damage amount in the impact. Therefore, it is possible to evaluate the damage of GFRP plate by shearography.
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Damage Evaluation of GFRP Plate Using Shearography by Impact Velocity
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Jung-Ho Kim Dae-Young Kim Ho-Sub Chang Kwang_Soo Shin Ji-Hoon Kim
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
김정호. (2020). 레이저 간섭계를 이용한 GFRP평판의 충격속도에 따른 손상평가, 공학기술논문지 | Vol.13, No.3 p.139 ~ p.143
Laboratory article
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