Going East for Education : An Analysis of European Students’ Motives to Study inKorea

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Holger Preut
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국제학생이동 한국 내 유럽유학생 한국유학동기 학위과정외국인유학생 교환학생 International Student Mobility European Students in Korea Motives for Study Abroad Degree-Seeking Students International Student Exchange
타국에서 유학하는 학생들의 추세를 나타내는 국제학생이동(ISM)의 흐름은 주로 지구의 남쪽에서 북쪽으로, 동쪽에서 서쪽으로 그리고 대부분 영어권 국가 쪽으로 전개되는 것이 지배적이었다. 그러나 최근 동아시아 권내에서, 그리고 타 대륙에서 동아시아로 유입되는 학생들이 꾸준한 증가세에 있으며, 이와 같은 국제학생이동에 대한 새로운 추세에 대해 주목할 필요가 있다. 한국 내 유학생들은 주로 아시아지역에서의 유입이 많지만, 유럽에서 온 유학생들의 숫자도 급격히 증가하는 추세이다. 한국 내 유럽유학생들에 대한 기존 연구가 없어, 이에 대한 연구가 필요한 시점으로, 본 연구는 유럽 학생들의 한국에서의 유학을 결정하게 된 유학 동기에 대한 분석과 유학 형태를 분석함으로써 연구 간 격차를 해소하는 것을 목표로 한다. 이 연구는 추진요인과 유인요인분석(push and pull factor)을 기본으로 독일, 네덜란드, 러시아, 프랑스, 영국 출신 유학생들의 국제간이동성에 대한 몇 가지 주요 결과를 보여준다.
International Student Mobility(ISM) has been dominated by flows from South to North, East to West and mostly towards English-speaking countries. ISM of this kind has been the focus of much academic research, however, much less is known about new mobility trends: student mobility within and towards East Asia. Korea has increasingly been attracting international students, primarily from Asia but also from Europe. Studies on Asian students are growing; however, research on the growing number of European students seems to be non-existent. This study aims to help to fill the gap by analizing the study motives and decisions of European students to undertake studies in Korea. Using theories of push and pull factor on international students from France, Russia, Germany, England and the Netherlands this study demonstrates some major findings. Except students from Russia, the great majority of European students enter Korea as exchange students for a few semesters. This has been encouraged by numerous partnerships between Korea and Europeans universities. Geographical proximity, scholarships, and better job prospects seem to inspire many Russian students to pursue a degree in Korea. Mostly as a result of Hallyu Korean language courses are particularly popular among Russian and French students. Prior to arrival, most European students tend to perceive Korea as an appealing exotic and unknown country, valued for quality higher education, travel adventures and good career prospects, the latter especially by students from England. To enhance the understanding of West to East educational migration more studies on Western students in Korea are needed.
조선대학교 동북아연구소(구 통일문제연구소)
Holger Preut. (2018). Going East for Education : An Analysis of European Students’ Motives to Study inKorea, 동북아연구(구 통일문제연구) | Vol 33, No 1 p.91 ~ p.128
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