원전 사고대응 스마트 구호소 구축 및 관리시스템 개발

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Development of a Smart Evacuation Shelter and its management system in response to NPP accidents
Kwang-Cheol, Kim
Advisor : Prof. Chung, Woon-kwan, Ph.D.
Department of Nuclear Engineering,
Graduate School of Chosun University

In the event of a radiological disaster caused by an accident in a severe nuclear facility, measures to protect residents should be taken first. A total of 1,536 relief stations are built around the Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant, each with a minimum capacity of hundreds to tens of thousands.
The entry and exit registration of the relief facility is passive, making it difficult to manage all tens of thousands of refugees. As a result, it is difficult to maintain accurate control and tracking. In Korea, only Ulju County, Ulsan, is operating the refugee management system that uses the resident registration database and uses the iris and fingerprint recognition method. In case of foreign countries, the automatic registration system using ID cards was used to identify the current status of the refugees in Japan.
This study constructed a management system using RFID tag cards with built-in human information to automate admission and registration of the refugees introduced. The Act provided that individual radioactive contamination be checked, the automatic registration of inmates, and the issuance of RFID tag cards for access to the facility automatically.
The software program developed is displayed on the LCD monitor by combining the measured information of the door type sensor for detecting radioactive contamination, signals of incoming and outgoing RFID body, and human information of residents embedded in the recognized RFID, and the input and output records are built into the database. In addition, specific figures can be tracked using information on the number of people who are admitted to the relief agency and the search function. This efficient system operation enabled effective and timely actions.
Alternative Title
Development of Smart Evacuation Shelter and its management system in response to NPP accidents
Alternative Author(s)
Kim Kwang Cheol
조선대학교 일반대학원 원자력공학과
일반대학원 원자력공학과
Awarded Date
2019. 2
Table Of Contents
목 차

표 목 차 ⅲ
그림목차 ⅴ

제1장 연구의 배경 및 필요성 1
제1절 연구의 배경 1
제2절 연구의 필요성 및 목적 2
제3절 연구의 범위 및 방법론 3

제2장 주민보호조치현황 4
제1절 법적요건분석 4
1. 국내 4
2. 국외 9
제2절 주민보호조치현황 11
1. 주민보호조치 11
제3절 이재민 구호소 17
1. 재해구호시설 17
2. 방사능방재 구호소 24
3. 다목적 구호소 현황 27
제4절 방사능 방호 구호소의 거주성 확보 방안 33
1. 배경 및 필요성 33
2. 주민 안전성 보호조치 요건 36
3. 구호소 거주성 확보 방안 39

제3장 연구내용 및 결과 42
제1절 스마트 구호소 관리시스템 개발 42
1. 구호소 거주성 확보를 위한 관리시스템 확보 방안 42
2. 출입관리시스템 44
3. 출입관리시스템 운영 프로그램 47
4. 스마트구호소 통합관리시스템 및 프로그램 57

제4장 결과 및 논의 73

제5장 결론 75

참고문헌 76
조선대학교 일반대학원 원자력공학과
김광철. (2018). 원전 사고대응 스마트 구호소 구축 및 관리시스템 개발
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