다관절 이동 로봇을 이용한 철 밴드 결속시스템

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Strapping Machine, Press unit, Feeding Module, Reducer Module, Spot Welding, Binding, Steel Band, Tip
This paper describes a development of a spot welding system. The welding system binds two ends of a steel band to wrap an object. Usual industrial spot welding machine is bulky in volume and heavy in weight. Since they are heavy, high powered motors and cylinders are needed for motion, while their bandage is not robust. Also, most of them welds only one spot at a time, and spends long time to weld multiple spots for robust binding. The developed welding system welds four spots at a time. It has transformer module to decrease welding voltage. The welding voltage is upper tips of the welding module. The steel bands between the upper tip and lower tip are binded by the welding voltage. Two bus bars which connects high current electricity from the transformer to welding tip is equipped with bracket. The upper tip control unit controls the vertical motion of the tip to press two steel bands. Pneumatic cylinder is used to control horizontal motion of the four pairs of welding tips. The press unit grasps steel band and the feeding unit moves the steel band to the desired location. The pneumatic cylinder of the press unit presses steel band together with a rotating wheel. In the feeding module, a pneumatic motor is connected to a flange to reduce the rotation speed and increase the force. Since it reduces the welding time and increas binding force, it can be used in practice with letter performance. The proposed design improves the bandage force with reduced volume of system. So, it is expect that the proposed system can be used widely in the wrapping system.
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A System for Steel Band Strap Using Mobile Manipulators
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Song Jae Keun
일반대학원 제어계측공학과
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제 1 장 서 론 1
제 1 절 연구배경과 목적 1
제 2 절 연구 방향 3
제 3 절 논문의 구성 3
제 2 장 기존 결속시스템 4
제 1 절 수동 결속시스템 4
제 2 절 자동 결속시스템 5
제 3 장 자동 결속시스템의 기계적 구조 6
제 1 절 Steel Band Feeding Device 7
제 2 절 Steel Band Welding Device 14
제 3 절 Steel Band Cutting Device 19
제 4 절 Steel Band Grip Unit 23
제 5 절 Manipulator Carrier 31
제 4 장 결속시스템의 제어 34
제 1 절 Manipulator Control 34
제 2 절 DeviceNet Communication 45
제 5 장 실험 및 고찰 52
제 1 절 Steel Band Spot Feeding Tension 52
제 2 절 Steel Band Spot Welding Tension 56
제 6 장 결 론 61
조선대학교 대학원
송재근. (2016). 다관절 이동 로봇을 이용한 철 밴드 결속시스템.
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