원자력발전소 제어봉 구동장치 전원공급계통 신뢰도 증진에 관한 연구

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MG Set, CEDM, CEDMCS, NU bearing, RPR, THD
Fission reaction in the nuclear power plants(NPPs) is controlled by Control Element Assembly(CEA). Thus, the stability and reliability of Motor Generator Set(MG Set), which is a power supply system to Control Element Drive Mechanism(CEDM), is considered to be very important in the viewpoint of safety of NPPs.
However, MG Sets of Korean Standard NPPs had repeatedly experienced that the temperature and vibration in their generator-side bearing were abnormally increased. The inspection showed that the abnormal temperature and vibration were induced by a wear damage of bearing wheel and roller, whichwas caused by introducing small chips of cage and V-ring into bearing. In order improve the operational reliability of MG Set by resolving the high temperature and vibration of MG Set bearing, type of bearing was changed, i.e., N type bearing changed into NU Type bearing, and also V-rings that are sealing system were removed and Felt rings were installed on the inner and outer caps of MG Set. It showed that such modifications reduced the temperature and vibration level of MG Set bearings.
Installing protection relay panels and revising sudden stop signals were improved the protection and monitoring systems to new power plants level. Rewiring reverse power relay and reverse power auxiliary relay was prevented unexpected shutdown and ensured a monitoring channel at Main Control Room.
Harmonics generated by Control Element Drive Mechanism Control System(CEDMCS) affected the MG Set operation such as increased voltage waveform distortion and instantaneous maximum voltage. It was verified decreasing voltage Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) and instantaneous maximum voltage by analyzing harmonics effect, installing RC filter, and measuring voltage waveform.
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A Study on Reliability Enhancement in Power Supply System of Control Element Drive Mechanism in NPPs
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Choi, Il Young
일반대학원 원자력공학과
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Table Of Contents
제 1 장 서 론 1
제 2 장 제어봉 전원공급 및 제어계통 특성 2
제 1 절 전동발전기 2
1. 전동발전기 기능 2
2. 전동발전기 구성 기기별 특성 4
제 2 절 제어봉 구동장치와 제어봉 구동장치 제어계통 6
1. 제어봉 구동장치 6
2. 제어봉 구동장치 제어계통 8
제 3 장 전동발전기 안정성 향상조치 및 신뢰도 평가 10
제 1 절 발전기측 베어링 과열 해소 10
1. 베어링 과열 발생 10
2. 점검 및 분석 13
가. 분해점검 13
나. 베어링 온도변화 분석 14
(1) 베어링 온도감지기 위치 14
(2) 고장 전 베어링 온도경향 15
(3) 동일모델 온도경향 16
(4) 국산화 전동발전기 온도경향 21
다. 베어링 손상분석 23
3. 전동발전기 베어링 및 Seal 형식 변경 25
가. 베어링 형식변경 25
나. Seal 형식변경 27
4. 결과 및 고찰 29
제 2 절 보호 및 감시설비 개선 31
1. 배경 31
2. 보호 및 감시설비 개선 33
제 3 절 제어봉 구동장치 제어계통 고조파 저감 37
1. 고조파 발생 및 영향 분석 37
가. 제어봉 구동장치 제어계통 고조파 전압발생 메커니즘 37
나. 주요기기별 고조파 영향 분석 39
(1) 전동발전기 동기검정기 39
(2) 전동발전기 자동전압조절기 41
(3) 제어봉 구동장치 제어계통 저전압계전기 42
다. 고조파 저감 대책 44
(1) Passive Harmonic Filter 44
(2) Active Harmonic Filter 44
(3) Delta-wye Transformer 44
(3) Generator Oversizing 44
2. 설비 개선 및 결과 분석 45
가. 전동발전기 유입 고조파 측정 45
나. 제어봉 구동장치 제어계통R-C 필터 설치 및 개선 결과 분석 48
제 4 장 결 론 51
【참고문헌】 53
최일영. (2016). 원자력발전소 제어봉 구동장치 전원공급계통 신뢰도 증진에 관한 연구.
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