방사선 촬영조건에 따른 ESD 평가 모델 개선 연구

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표면선량, 유효선량, 진단참고준위, LabVIEW, 저감화
Concerning radiation exposure in medical process, dose limit and dose constraint are not regulated as the benefit of patient is the priority. The exposure doses on patient vary widely depending upon the degree of equipment worn-out in medical facilities, equipment conditions, technical method of staff, etc. Exposure dose control methods include the actual measurement method by using the TLD (Thermoluminesence Dosimeter) and transmission ionization chamber, entrance surface dose calculation by using the equipment output measured in the air and indirect measurement based on radiography conditions.
In this study, radiography equipment management degree was assessed along with equipment characteristics and conditions for each imaging part. Then the modified patient dose calculation method was used as it gives smaller errors compared with the actual dose amounts. By doing so, this study seeks to establish active response to radiographic exposure and contribute to reduced medical exposure. The modified equation herein put weight on tube voltage, inherent filter, added filter and its accompanied back scatter factor in the existing equation to calculate the entrance surface dose. As the thicker the subject’s part, the higher the tube voltage and tube current; the exponential constant in the modified equation moved up. While the index of lateral lumbar was found the highest, the index of anterior wrist was the lowest. The more the radiography conditions, the larger the deviation between actual measurement values and indirect equation values was. It was also found that, rather than the distance, increase in tube voltage by the subject’s thickness was found to have a larger effect on BSF. However, it seems necessary to use medical quality control in parallel to reduce error variables in order to get closer to ESD approximate value found under direct measurement.
In addition, this study sought to establish an auto-control software based on LabVIEW capable of predicting and protecting from exposure dose in the modified and improved patient dose assessment method. ESD according to radiography conditions was displayed along with the images of each radiography part. Surface doses were displayed according to tissue weight. Based on diverse indirect equations, diagnostic reference levels were compared for assessment in this study.
Accordingly, diagnostic radiography patient dose comparison would become easier and radiographic exposure control and evaluation will become more efficient. The study findings are expected to be useful in patients’ effective dose rate evaluation and dose reduction; and present a way forward in the national exposure dose control research.
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Improvement of ESD Calculation Model according to Radiography Conditions
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sung, ho jin
일반대학원 원자력공학과
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제1장. 서론 1
제2장. 연구목적 2
제3장. 이론적 배경 3
제1절. 방사선 3
제2절. 환자선량 4
1. 흡수선량 4
2. 등가선량 7
3. 유효선량 7
4. 선량한도 9
제3절. 방사선방호 10
1. 참고준위 10
2. 기록준위 11
3. 조사준위 10
4. 개입준위 11
제4절. X선 스펙트럼 12
1. 관전압 변화에 따른 X선 스펙트럼 12
2. 관전류 변화에 따른 X선 스펙트럼 13
3. 필터 변화에 따른 X선 스펙트럼 14
제5절. LabVIEW program 16
1. LabVIEW 소개 16
2. LabVIEW 구성 17
3. LabVIEW 응용 범위 19
제4장. 연구대상 및 방법 21
제1절. Alderson Rando Phantom 및 유리선량계 21
제2절. 관전압, 관전류, 조사시간 및 조사선량률 21
제3절. 촬영 조건과 피폭선량 측정 22
제4절. 측정 방법 22
제5절. 선량 계산 공식을 이용한 피폭선량 산출 23
제6절. 부가 필터에 따른 촬영 조건과 피폭선량 측정 29
제7절. 필터에 따른 영상 분석 31
제5장. 결과 32
제1절. 흉부 촬영조건에 따른 입사표면선량 비교 32
제2절. 흉부 측면상 촬영조건에 따른 입사표면선량 비교 35
제3절. 요추 정면상 촬영조건에 따른 입사표면선량 비교 38
제4절. 요부 측면상 촬영조건에 따른 입사표면선량 비교 41
제5절. 복부 정면상 촬영조건에 따른 입사표면선량 비교 44
제6절. 두부 정면상 촬영조건에 따른 입사표면선량 비교 47
제7절. 손목 정면상 촬영조건에 따른 입사표면선량 비교 50
제8절. 촬영 부위에 따른 가중치 비교 53
제9절. 부가필터에 따른 ESD 비교 54
제10절. Matlab을 이용한 영상 분석 55
제6장. LabVIEW program 설계 64
제1절. Entrance Surface Dose 설계 64
제2절. ICRP 103의 설계 68
제3절. Calculation Methods 70
제6장. 고찰 73
제7장. 결론 78
참고문헌 80
성호진. (2016). 방사선 촬영조건에 따른 ESD 평가 모델 개선 연구.
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