엔도 파일용 Ti-Ni계 합금의 상변태 및 초탄성 특성에 미치는 열처리 영향

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The effects of annealing temperature and thermal cycling on the martensitic transformation and stress-strain characteristics have been studied Ni-rich Ti-Ni binary alloy for endodontic files. The stress-strain behavior with loading-unloading temperature also has been investigated to clarify superelasticity with the change in oral cavity temperature for pratical application.
The results obtained are as follows;

(1) When the specimen NT-3 is cooled to –100℃ and then ~ 100℃anv the B2→R→B19' forward transformation occurs on cooling and B19'→B2 reverse transformation undergoes on heating in specimen NT-3. In the case of specimens NT-5 and NT-6, only B2→R transformation occurs on cooling but endothermic peak on heating is divided two peaks. This means that R→B19' transformation undergoes below –100℃.

(2) Plateau stress of specimen NT-3 is lower than those of specimens NT-5 and NT-6. Stress hysteresis of specimen NT-3, which is the difference between loading stress and unloading stress, is also lower than those of specimens NT-5 and NT-6. The stress for inducing stress-induced martensite from parent phase decreases with rising in annealing temperature while plastic deformation occurs.

(3) When the specimen NT-5(Rs=17℃) is tensile-deformed and undefored at the range of 15∼55℃, the stress for inducing stress-induced martensite from parent phase increases while plateau stress also increases. An increase in stress with increasing of deformation temperature can be explained Clausius-Clapeyron equation ().

(4) Heat flow of as-received specimen NT-3 decreases with increase in the number of cycling. However, the stress for inducing stress-induced martensite and the amount of superelasticity increases with increase in the number of cycling because of higher dislocation density inducing during thermal cycling.
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Effect of Heat Treatment on the Phase Transformation and Superelastic Characteristics of the Ti-Ni Alloy for Endodontic Files
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Jang Hong Sub
일반대학원 첨단소재공학과
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List of Tables ⅲ
List of Figures ⅲ
Abstract ⅸ

제 1 장 서 론 1

제 2 장 이론적 배경 3
2. 1. Ni-Ti계 형상기억합금 3
2. 1. 1. Ni-Ti계 합금의 상태도 3
2. 1. 2. Ni-Ti계 합금의 결정구조 및 마르텐사이트 변태 6
2. 1. 3. Ni-Ti계 합금의 형상기억효과 및 변태 의탄성의 온도 의존성 9
2. 2. Ni-Ti계 합금의 형상기억효과 및 초탄성효과 10
2. 3. 엔도 파일(Endodontic file) 14

제 3 장 실험 방법 17
3. 1. 시편의 화학조성 17
3. 2. 어닐링처리 18
3. 3. 열싸이클링 시험 19
3. 4. 인장변형 특성시험 20
3. 5. 열분석에 의한 변태온도 측정 21
3. 6. 미세조직 시험 22
3. 7. X-선 회절시험 22

제 4 장 결과 및 고찰 23
4. 1. 합금조성에 따른 상변태 특성 22
4. 2. 어닐링온도에 따른 상변태 특성 26
4. 3. 어닐링온도에 따른 인장변형 특성 및 변형률 거동 39
4. 4. 변형온도에 따른 변형률 거동 47
4. 5. 어닐링 온도에 따른 상변화 52
4. 6. 열싸이클링에 따른 상변태 및 변형률 거동 56

제 5 장 결 론 60

참 고 문 헌 62
조선대학교 일반대학원
장홍섭. (2016). 엔도 파일용 Ti-Ni계 합금의 상변태 및 초탄성 특성에 미치는 열처리 영향.
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