CFRP 적층판의 적층두께에 따른 물성치 예측 연구

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The automotive industry has demand for fossil fuel depletion, safety regulations, environmental-regulations and a driver convenience intensify the body weight. In accordance the auto industry has spotlighted appropriately reinforce of the strength composite materials. Typical carbon fiber reinforced plastic 20 ~ 50% lighter than a metal material, non-rigid and nasal also, a tendency it is excellent. On this account tend to have increasing use ratio in the automotive industry. However, CFRP is depending laminate thickness , the lamination method and the mechanical properties in order to obtain the correct properties is essential experiment.
In this study, we predict change in the lamination thickness of property due to the change, in the number of layers and we are property grasp to Based on them according to the number of layers increases, thickness. And CFRP specimens are subjected to a tensile test using the UTM to estimate their mechanical properties in terms of the stacking thickness. Tensile test was carried out until the fracture at a rate of 2 mm/min. In addition, composite materials using dedicated analysis program based MCQ CFRP base as a result the Fiber and Matrix properties, the Matrix, which tend to dominate the non-linear stress-strain curve obtained after the [0a / + 45b / -45c / 90d] s simulations were performed for each type of thickness. Ply of the test specimen result was shown to be greater the strength and stiffness is lowered 10~50% and then ± 45 ° than 0 ° / 90 ° confirmed that the higher the content of the high strength and stiffness.
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Material Properties Reserch of CFRP Lamina/Laminate Accdrding to Staking Thickness
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Kim, Kyung Hwan
일반대학원 첨단부품소재공학과
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조선대학교 대학원
김경환. (2016). CFRP 적층판의 적층두께에 따른 물성치 예측 연구.
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