정량 광유도 형광법(QLF)과 광활성제를 이용한 초기 치아우식증의 진단

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This study applied sodium fluorescein as fluorescent dye for increasing imaging diagnostic ability by inreasing fluorescence difference of sound enamel and caries lesion with Quantitative Light-induced Fluorescence.
We selected tooth with no dental caries or crack among recently extreacted premolars and third molars. After cutting smooth surface of tooth in 6 ㎜ x 3 ㎜ x 3 ㎜ size, it was buried in acrylic mold. We covered nail varnish on half of specimen’s surface and setted the control group. Specimens were randomly divided in six decalcification group(6, 12, 24, 48, 72, 96h). Each group had 15 specimens.
Specimens were decalcified at each time and washed by saline, and then measured decalcified degree(ΔF) by using QLF-D. And we washed it after applying 0.075% sodium fluorescein and the measured ΔF and compared it with previous value. We measured the lesion depth after cutting central portion of specimen and polishing and then storing the scanning electron microscope image.
Lesion surfaces observed by using QLF were more darker than normal enamel and observed lesions by QLF after applying fluorescein were more lighter than normal enamel. The more decalcification time inreased, the more fluorescent dye penetrated. The measured ΔF value after applying fluorescein is all increased compared with previous value(p<0.05). QLF value and lesion depth showed high correlation(p<0.01) and we acquired an linear equation by regression analysis.
Therefore, because QLF measurement using fluorescein is more sensitive to diagnose decalcification of early stage, it will enable an early diagnosis of dental caries before cavity preparation stage and treatment and management of early caries lesion.
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Diagnosis of early dental caries with dye-enhancing Quantitative Light-induced Fluorescence(QLF)
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Kim, Mi Hee
일반대학원 치의학과
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김미희. (2014). 정량 광유도 형광법(QLF)과 광활성제를 이용한 초기 치아우식증의 진단.
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