고등학생의 스마트폰 중독이 학교생활적응에 미치는 영향

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The Effect of Smartphone Addiction on Academic Life
Adjustment of High School Students

- With Self Resilience and Family Resilience
as the Parameters -

Kang Hye Ryoung
Advisor : Prof. Kim, Jin-suk, Ph.D.
Department of Social Welfare,
Graduate School of Chosun University

The very first environment a human being encounters after birth is the home environment; and this home environment becomes an intrinsic part of a human being from the time he or she is born. Furthermore, since it is the environment that has an effect during adolescence, it can be said that the home environment has the great influence on teenagers whom are rapidly growing and changing. Home is the very first society a human being encounters, and at the same time, the very first community to form secure attachment which will be the basis of the formation of self-concept, self-identity, and interpersonal relationship.
In accordance, adolescence is a period of sudden cognitive, emotional, and physical changes; and since adolescents are emotionally sensitive, they are easily exposed to addiction, which has direct connection to secondary problems at times.
This research makes an inquiry into the influence of smartphone addiction on adolescents adjusting to school life, and verifies the mediation effect of self-resilience and family-resilience. Research strictly in connection with smartphone addiction was inadequate in preceding researches up to date, and most were researches that inquired into the influence and the simple relationship between internet addiction and mobile phone addiction. Especially in the case of one of the factors mediating variables, for example, the resilience was also studied mostly in the comprehensive approach. Taking into account all the arguments and the studies from preceding researches, this research attempts to acquire an even more concrete verification by analyzing smartphone addiction's influence on adolescents adjusting to school life while considering the causation and correlation between many mediation variables. By analyzing smartphone addiction's influence on adolescents adjusting to school life through mediation variables of self-resilience and family-resilience, this research strives to deduce theoretical and policy implications.
In order to achieve the object of this study, the data from preceding researches was analyzed. Also, data were analyzed by setting the smartphone addiction as an independent variable for the study, the school adjustment as the dependent variable, and both the self-resilience as well as the family-resilience as the mediation variables. The subjects were surveyed and they were randomly sampled 300 youths from first grade of middle school to third grade of high school students who resides in G metropolitan area. A survey was conducted, and for accuracy, a preliminary survey was conducted on 5 students from each grade. Through the survey, smartphone addiction, degree of adjustment to school life, self-resilience, and family-resilience were measured. The collected data was utilized in the following method. In order to statistically analyze the survey, statistics program, SPSS 19.0, was utilized. The reliability of questionnaire was verified using Cronbach's alpha for the reliability of measurements in regards to questionnaires through verification of each variable and frequency analysis in regards to demographic characteristics of research subject. In addition, factor analysis was conducted to verify the validity of questionnaire in measuring the variables. The analysis method used to analyze the relationships between each variable was verified through T-Test, analysis of variance, multiple regression analysis, and hierarchial regression analysis.
This research's outcome is as follows. Social statistical characteristics of adolescents using a smartphone has a significant impact on smartphone addiction among youth, school adjustment, self-resilience, and family-resilience. Smartphone addiction also gives a significant influence on school adjustment, it can be seen that a meaningful indirect effect through the mediating effect of self-reslience and family-resilience. Summarized for each variables as follows:
First, the higher the economic and education level of the parents, the smartphone usage of the children has decreased.
Second, the lower self-resilience increases the chance of smartphone addiction. Addiction and attachment have an intrinsic relationship.
Third, the lower family-resilience increases the chance of smartphone addiction. Which means that among social support system, family-resilience notably influenced smartphone addiction.
Fourth, the higher smartphone addiction made lower academic performance. smartphone addiction made adjustment to ordinary life difficult, and this in turn caused greater dependence on smartphone, thus forming a vicious cycle.
Fifth, the higher the self-resilience, the greater school adjustment. These two are positively correlated.
Sixth, the higher the family-health and the higher family-resilience, the higher the ability to adjust to school life.
This research demonstrates that various variables among a variety of variables in connection with smartphone addiction influence adolescents adjusting to school life; and that, in terms of resilience, various variables such as self-resilience and family-resilience are intrinsically connected to adolescents adjusting to school life. The research deduced an outcome of adolescents' smartphone addiction having significant influence on adjustment to school life and of higher self-resilience and family-resilience inducing better adjustment to school life; thus hypothesis was verified.
With increase in the number of students using smartphones, the goal of this research was to verify adjustment to school life with smartphone addiction and relationship between self-resilience and family-resilience which effect that adjustment; to search for practical and concrete alternatives that could be applied in the field; and to minimize pathological aspect of a social problem by preventing the occurrence of problem through adolescents' own will as well as proper support of people around them using these alternatives.

* Keywords : Smartphone addiction, self-resilience, family-resilience, school adjustment.
Alternative Title
The Effect of Smartphone Addiction on Academic Life Adjustment of High School Students : With Self Resilience and Family Resilience as the Parameters
Alternative Author(s)
Kang, Hye Ryoung
일반대학원 사회복지학과
Table Of Contents
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제 1 장 서 론 1
제1절 연구목적 1
제2절 연구범위 및 방법 4

제 2 장 이론적 배경 7
제1절 스마트폰 중독 7
1. 스마트폰 중독의 개념 및 유형 7
2. 스마트폰 중독의 이용실태와 중독실태 12
3. 스마트폰 중독의 영향요인 16
제2절 학교생활적응 19
1. 학교생활적응의 개념 19
2. 학교생활적응의 영향요인 20
3. 학교생활적응의 중요성 22
제3절 탄력성 23
1. 탄력성의 개념 및 이론적 관점 24
2. 자아탄력성의 개념 30
3. 가족탄력성의 개념 32
제4절 선행연구 34
1. 스마트폰 중독과 학교생활적응 34
2. 스마트폰 중독과 자아탄력성 35
3. 스마트폰 중독과 가족탄력성 37
4. 자아탄력성과 학교생활적응 38
5. 가족탄력성과 학교생활적응 39

제 3 장 연구설계 41
제1절 분석모형의 정립과 가설의 설정 41
1. 분석모형의 정립 41
2. 가설의 설정 42
제2절 변수의 조작화와 측정 46
1. 변수의 조작화 46
2. 설문의 구성과 측정 51
제3절 자료의 수집과 분석 52
1. 자료의 수집 52
2. 자료의 분석 53

제 4 장 실증분석 56
제1절 측정도구 검증 56
1. 타당도 분석 56
2. 신뢰도 분석 59
제2절 기술적 통계 60
1. 변수의 기술적 통계 60
2. 특성별 차이분석 65
3. 상관관계 분석 72
제3절 변수간 관계 분석 74
1. 스마트폰 중독과 학교생활적응 74
2. 스마트폰 중독과 자아탄력성 75
3. 스마트폰 중독과 가족탄력성 76
4. 스마트폰 중독과 학교생활적응에서 자아탄력성과
가족탄력성의 매개효과 검증 76
제4절 분석결과 논의 79
1. 기술적 통계 분석 결과 79
2. 스마트폰 중독과 학교생활적응 80
3. 스마트폰 중독과 자아탄력성, 가족탄력성 81
4. 자아탄력성, 가족탄력성의 매개효과 82

제 5 장 결 론 84
제1절 연구결과 요약 84
제2절 연구결과 시사점 88
1. 이론적 시사점 88
2. 정책적 시사점 89
제3절 향후 연구방향 91

참고문헌 93
[부록] 설문지 107
강혜령. (2014). 고등학생의 스마트폰 중독이 학교생활적응에 미치는 영향.
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