치매노인환자 주부양자의 소진에 관련된 요인

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Factors Related with Burnout among Primary Family Caregivers of Elderly Dementia Patients

Yeo, Eui-Ju
Advisor : Prof. Ryu, So Yeon, MD, PhD.
Department of Public Health,
Graduate School of Health Science,
Chosun University

Objectives: This study was performed to identify the degree of burnout of primary family caregivers taking care of elderly dementia patients and to investigate related factors of burnout.

Methods: The study subjects were 195 primary family caregivers of elderly dementia patients diagnosed as Alzheimer disease, Vascular and other kinds of dementia in a hospital, Gwangju. The data were collected by self-administered questionnaire and medical chart review. The used statistical analysis were t­test, ANOVA, Pearson's correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis to find the associated factors with primary family caregivers’ burnout.

Results: The mean score of burnout in the study subjects was 66.13±18.14. In simple analysis the characteristics of dementia patients including gender and partner were associated with burnout of the family caregivers. The associated factors of subjects with burnout were gender, age, educational level, relationship with patient: self­rated health, drinking state, smoking state and monthly income. The scores of burnout were statistically significant correlated with social support, MMSE and GDS. As a result of multiple regression analysis, the statistically associated factors with burnout were social support, GDS, marital state, self­rated health and monthly care cost.

Conclusions: This study showed that social support, health state of patients and caregivers and cost burnden for dementia care were associated with caregivers' burnout. To prevent the burnout and health problems of family caregivers, it might be needed to reinforce the social support from various resources such as family members, neighborhood and communities.

Key words : Burnout, Caregiver, Dementia, Elderly, Social support
Alternative Title
Factors Related with Burnout among Primary Family Caregivers of Elderly Dementia Patients
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Yeo, Eui Ju
보건대학원 보건학과
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Table Of Contents
목 차

표 목 차 ⅲ

I. 서론 1

II. 연구방법 3
A. 연구대상 3
B. 자료 수집 방법 3
C. 조사변수 4
1. 일반적 특성 4
2. 중증도 특성 4
3. 사회적 지지 5
4. 소진 5
D. 분석방법 6

III. 연구 결과 7
A. 치매노인과 주부양자의 일반적 특성 7
1. 치매노인의 일반적 특성과 중증도 7
2. 치매노인 주부양자의 일반적 특성 8
B. 치매노인 주부양자의 사회적 지지와 소진 정도 11
C. 특성에 따른 주부양자의 소진 비교 12
1. 치매노인의 일반적 특성에 따른 소진 비교 12
2. 치매노인 주부양자의 일반적 특성에 따른 소진 비교 13
3. 사회적 지지, MMSE, GDS와 소진과의 상관관계 16
D. 치매노인 주부양자의 소진 관련요인 17

IV. 고찰 19

V. 요약 및 결론 22

참고문헌 23

부록 26
여의주. (2015). 치매노인환자 주부양자의 소진에 관련된 요인.
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