수기요법 및 홍삼분말 섭취가 소아, 청소년 알러지비염에 미치는 효과

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This study compares the results before and after the treatment of allergic rhinitis through the improvement in acoustic rhinometry measurement and the patients’ subjective view of their symptoms in 3 experimental groups and a control group over a course of 12 weeks. The groups are as follows: Group 1 (memorial therapy with red ginseng powder program), group 2 (memorial therapy program), group 3 (red ginseng powder program), and group 4 (control group). This study included a total of 48 subjects of both genders who were between the ages of 5 and 18, suffered from allergic rhinitis, living in Gwangju Korea, and had been patients at the “A” Memorial Therapy Center. The 48 subjects were separated into 4 groups of 12 patients. The memorial therapy program used in this study included chiropractic and sports massages applied twice per week in 30 minute sessions for 12 weeks. The red ginseng powder used in this study was in the form of 300mg capsules of 6 years old red ginseng. The subjects took one to three capsules twice a day, a 30 minutes after breakfast and dinner for 12 weeks.
T-test results of all four groups indicated improvement of acoustic rhinometry results. In particular, group 1 (memorial therapy with red ginseng powder group) and group 2 (memorial therapy group)showed significant improvement, indicating the efficiency of these two methods in the treatment of rhinitis. T-test results of patients’ subjective opinions of their allergic rhinitis symptoms indicated that the patients in all four groups felt a reduction in their symptoms. In particular, group 1 (memorial therapy with red ginseng powder group), group 2 (memorial therapy group), and group 3 (red ginseng powder groups) showed a significant reduction of subjective symptoms.
This study, therefore, concludes that the memorial therapy with red ginseng powder program, memorial therapy program, and red ginseng powder programs for 12 weeks positively affects observable symptoms.
Alternative Title
Effect of Manual Therapy and Red Ginseng Powder on Allergic Rhinitis in Children and Adolescents
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Cho ki soo
보건대학원 대체의학과
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Table Of Contents

Ⅰ. 서 론 1
제1절 문제의 제기 및 연구목적 1
제2절 연구문제 4

Ⅱ. 이론적 배경 5
제1절 알레르기성 비염 5
제2절 수기요법 9
1. 카이로프랙틱 9
가. 개념 및 원리 9
나. 기법 11
2. 스포츠마사지 14
가. 개념 및 원리 14
나. 유형 16
제3절 홍삼의 특성 17

Ⅲ. 연구방법 21
제1절 연구설계 21
제2절 연구대상 21
제3절 연구도구 23
1. 수기요법 프로그램 23
2. 홍삼 분말 섭취 33
3. 음향비강통기도 검사 33
4. 주관적 증상인지 35
제4절 자료처리방법 36

Ⅳ. 연구 결과해석 37
제1절 집단간 사전동질성 37
제2절 음향비강통기도의 효과 검증 38
제3절 주관적 증상인지의 효과 검증 40

Ⅴ. 결과논의 44

Ⅵ. 결론 및 제언 47

참고문헌 49
조기수. (2014). 수기요법 및 홍삼분말 섭취가 소아, 청소년 알러지비염에 미치는 효과.
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