이산화탄소가스발포와 염침출법을 이용한 골 재생용 다공성 폴리카프로락톤 고분자지지체 제조

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In this study, porous PCL scaffolds was prepared using CO2 gas foaming and salt leaching method, and then scaffolds surface was treated with O2 plasma in order to improving the hydrophilicity.
The supercritical CO2 gas foaming process was carried out at 50 bar and 25 ˚C for 1 hr. The depressurization rate was 2 bar/s. The salt was leached in distilled water for several days. The O2 plasma process was carried out at plasma power of 100W, 10 mTorr for 1 min.
The wettability and surface morphology of porous PCL scaffolds were examined by contact angle and scanning electron microscopy. The chemical bonding state and content of oxygen element of oxygen plasma treated porous PCL surfaces were examined by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The untreated PCL surfaces and O2 plasma treated with PCL surfaces were also examined for their in vitro pre-osteoblast (MC3T3-E1) cells proliferation using MTT assay.
The results of this study demonstrated that porous PCL scaffolds by CO2 gas foaming and salt leaching possesses the mean pore size of 282.4 ± 90.1 μm. The O2 plasma treated porous PCL scaffolds surface showed hydrophilic property and the proliferation of preosteoblast, MC3T3-E1 cells was enhanced comparing to untreated PCL scaffolds. The porous PCL scaffolds produced from the gas foaming and salt leaching and plasma surface treatment are suitable for potential applications in bone tissue engineering.
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Preparation of polycaprolactone scaffolds for bone regeneration using CO2 gas foaming/salt leaching
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Lee Byoung Jin
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 치의학과
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제 2 절 생분해성 고분자 4
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제 3 절 가스발포 9
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제 5 절 조골모 세포 배양 13
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제 4 장 결과 및 고찰 17
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제 2 절 조골모세포 증식 29
제 5 장 고찰 32
제 6 장 결론 37
참고문헌 38
조선대학교 대학원
이병진. (2013). 이산화탄소가스발포와 염침출법을 이용한 골 재생용 다공성 폴리카프로락톤 고분자지지체 제조.
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