대학생의 스마트폰 중독이 수면시간과 수면부족에 미치는 영향

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Objectives: In this study, college students are addicted to smartphone relevance of sleep deprivation was carried out to find out.
Methods: The study subjects were 287 students in a college who were using the smartphone. The data were collected with self-administered questionnaires composed of general, health-related and leisure time-related characteristics, The Korean Smartphone Addiction Pronenes Scale, sleeping time and the sleep deprivation scale. The used statistical analys were t-test, ANOVA, Pearson's correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis to find the associations between smartphone addiction and sleep deprivation.
Results: The smartphone addiction scores of study subjects were 32.9±6, and 17.1% of subjects was at-risk group and 5.6% was high-risk group in classifying risk groups. Mean hours of sleeping time were 6.4±1.2 and mean scores of sleep deprivation scale were 8.4±3.1. The smartphone addiction had negative correlation with sleeping time, but it was not statistically significant. However, it was statistically significant positively correlated with sleep deprivation scale. As a result of multiple regression analysis, the smartphone addiction were statistically significant associated with sleeping time(β=-.033, p=0.001) and sleep deprivation scale(β=.127, p<0.001).
Conclusions: This study showed the smartphone addiction in college students was negatively associated with sleep including sleeping time and sleep deprivation. It is necessary to perform the further researches and to develop the programs for solving the problems due to smartphone addiction.
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The Effects of Smartphone Addiction on Sleeping Time and Sleep Deprivation among Some College Students.
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Park Min Jeung
보건대학원 보건학과
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Table Of Contents

I. 서론 1

II. 연구방법 4
A. 연구대상 4
B. 자료수집방법 4
C. 분석방법 7

III. 연구결과 8
A. 연구 대상자의 특성분포 8
B. 스마트폰 중독과 수면시간 및 수면부족 척도 점수 13
C. 대상자의 특성에 따른 수면시간 및 수면부족 척도 점수 비교 14
D. 스마트폰 중독과 수면시간 및 수면부족 척도의 상관관계 19
E. 스마트폰 중독이 수면에 미치는 영향 20

IV. 고 찰 22

V. 요약 및 결론 26

참고문헌 27
부 록 30
조선대학교 대학원
박민정. (2013). 대학생의 스마트폰 중독이 수면시간과 수면부족에 미치는 영향.
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