발아곡물의 발효추출물을 이용한 피부개선제의 개발

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Recently, the development of natural materials has been proceeded actively worldwide because of influence of the 'well-being' and 'healing' and spread of naturalism. Through this thesis I try to develop skin improving cosmetics containing various nourishment and physiologically active materials with various germinated grains from Oryza Sativa, Phaseolus Radiatus, Sesamum Indicum, Sorghum Bicolor, Coix Lachryma-Jobi, Glycine Max, and Rhynchosia Volubilis by going through a process of extracting and fermenting of enzyme. In order to increase the physiologically active materials of germinated grains' fermented extracts, I extracted the cellulase as a preprocess of fermentation, and by doing so, bioconversion rate could be raised in the fermentation process.
After 20 women put on nutritive cream that contains 3% (v/v) of germinated grains' fermented extracts on one side of their faces and the other nutritive cream that does not contain the fermented extracts on the other side of their faces for six weeks, skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction effect were measured through Skin visiometer® SV600(Courage and Khazaka Electronic, GmbH).
As a result, in the aspect of skin elasticity improvement, the general nutritive cream showed 30% of effectiveness while the nutritive cream containing germinated grains' fermented extracts showed 90% of effectiveness. For wrinkle reduction effect, the general nutritive cream resulted in 30% of effectiveness while the nutritive cream containing germinated grains' fermented extracts showed 80% of effectiveness.
From the clients who actually tried the new researched and developed product, skin improvement effect was clearly verified through naked eye observation. From the participants who participated in the test for three months, improvement effect on skin roughness as well as fine lines was firmly observed, and from the participants who participated in the test for two months, it was proved that skin lubrication and fine lines were obviously changed as well. Also, skins with serious acne and atopy showed considerable improvement effect even in one or two months.
Therefore, it was concluded that through the process of germinating and fermenting functional nutritive materials and physiologically active materials were increased and the cosmetics that contains such extracts strengthen immunity and brings an effect on skin elasticity improvement, wrinkle reduction and skin trouble (atopy, acne, etc.).
Alternative Title
Development of Skin Improving Cosmetics Using Fermented Extracts of Germinated Grains
Alternative Author(s)
Cho, Kyu-Sung
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 화학공학과
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Table Of Contents
목 차

Ⅰ. 서론·································································· 1

Ⅱ. 이론적 배경··························································· 3
1. 피부의 구조························································ 3
1-1. 표피(Epidermis)··············································· 4
1-1-1. 각질층 ················································· 4
1-1-2. 투명층 ················································· 5
1-1-3. 과립층 ················································· 5
1-1-4. 유극층 ················································· 5
1-1-5. 기저층 ················································· 5
1-2. 진피(Dermis)·················································· 5
1-2-1. 유두층 ················································· 6
1-2-2. 망상층 ················································· 6
1-2-3. 교원섬유 ··············································· 6
1-2-4. 탄력섬유 ··············································· 6
1-3. 피하지방(Subcutaneous fat)····································· 6
2. 발아(Germination)·················································· 7
3. 발효(Fermentation)················································ 10
3-1. 발효균의 종류················································ 11
3-1-1. 곰팡이류 ·············································· 11
3-1-1-1. 거미줄곰팡이 ····································· 11
3-1-1-2. 누룩곰팡이 ······································· 13
3-1-1-3. 푸른곰팡이 ······································· 13
3-1-1-3. 빨강곰팡이 ······································· 15
3-1-2. 효모류 ················································ 15
3-1-2-1. 사카로미세스 ····································· 15
3-1-2-2. 칸디다 ··········································· 16
3-1-3. 세균류 ················································ 17
3-1-3-1. 바실러스 ········································· 17
3-1-3-2. 젖산균 ··········································· 18
3-1-3-3. 방선균 ··········································· 19
3-2. 발효소재의 우위성············································ 20
3-2-1. 영양의 극대화 ········································· 20
3-2-2. 피부 흡수력의 향상 ···································· 21
3-2-3. 독성의 제거 ··········································· 21

Ⅲ. 실험재료 및 실험방법················································· 23
1. 실험재료·························································· 23
2. 발아곡물의 발효추출물 제조공정···································· 23
3. 화장품 제형의 제조················································ 25
3-1. 유연화장수 제조·············································· 25
3-2. 영양에센스 제조·············································· 25
3-3. 영양크림 제조················································ 25
4. 피부주름 및 탄성력 측정··········································· 26

Ⅳ. 결과 및 고찰························································· 27

Ⅴ. 결론································································· 34
조선대학교 대학원
조규성. (2013). 발아곡물의 발효추출물을 이용한 피부개선제의 개발.
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