URL시설 확보를 위한 부지선정요건 분석

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Recently in few developed countries, the construction of radioactive waste processing facility is conducted with along the build of URL installation. In Korea, KURT(KAERI Underground Research Tunnel) has been established in a 1st step since late 2006, and some studies have done on the purpose of developing and demonstrating the independent high-level waste processing facility
Due to the increase of radioactive waste from nuclear power generation, Korea has been building the radioactive waste processing facility, thus for adequate technology development, the need to extension of URL installation and additional construction has reached.
Considering the scale and depth in 1st step of KURT facility, further study is not feasible, therefore in order to prove the safety of substantial treatment system, there should be secured geological expected depth. Also, considering the long period to prove the safety of treatment system, there should be secured space for underground research facility at the proper time of waste processing program.
It is urgent to procure the underground research facility of waste processing facility’s expected depth because the optimal procedure of long-term proof test and waste processing system, studied on underground research facility, should be conducted before the construction of waste processing facility.
Moreover, the secure of safety, reliability on facility, and objective accommodation have the most importance, because it is the facility for supporting the developing program of radioactive waste processing facility. It states the necessary contents for procuring the space by verifying the validity on the base of deduction for the detailed requirements of rock and bedrock should be done for space of URL installation. Following are the contents that are stated about domestically adjustable requirements on the space of URL environment ; System of regulation on disposal safety, function and prerequisite of natural barrier, analysis on current foreign URL requirements.
The purpose of the research is to analyse the case of developed countries and related nations in order to deliberately consider the prerequisites of extension of URL facility with along the further construction. It is to contribute on estimation on determining the space of henceforward URL extension or construction, by effectively conducting the study with reduction on time and cost.
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A Study on the Analysis of the Selection Requirements of a Site for Securing the URL Facilities in Korea
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Jung MinYoung
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 원자력공학
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Table Of Contents
목 차
표 목차 ⅲ
그림 목차 ⅳ

제 1 장 서 론 1

제 2 장 처분안전성 규제 요건 체계 2
제 1 절 국제적 안전기본원칙 2
1. ICRP 2
2. IAEA 3
3. NEA, OECD 8
제 2 절 처분안전성 규제 요건 9
1. 인체보호를 위한 위험도·선량 기준 9
2. 성능기간의 시간 범위 12

제 3 장 처분안전성 확보 개념 15
제 1 절 심지층처분 개요 15
1. 심지층처분개념 15
제 2 절 다중방벽의 기능 17
1. URL시설의 격리기능 17
2. 지연기능 18
3. 희석 및 분산 기능 19

제 4 장 다중방벽의 지질환경 요건 체계 20
제 1 절 다중방벽 성능 영향 요소 20
제 2 절 지질환경 요건 체계 22
1. 지질환경 관련 인자 26
2. 지질환경 적합성 지표 22
3. 기술지침 개발 지표 28
제 3 절 URL시설 부지요건 구성 31
1. 장기지질안정성 요건 31
2. 지형 34
3. 지표수문 36
4. 토질 및 암종 36
5. 지질구조 및 단열(대) 38
6. 암석역학 40
7. 열적특성 41
8. 수리지질 42
9. 지구화학 및 이송특성 43
10. 핵종이동 44
11. 생태학적 특징 45
12. 천연자원보호 45
13. 기상 46
14. 건설, 운영 및 기타 47

제 5 장 결론 및 제안 49

【참고문헌】 50
조선대학교 대학원
정민영. (2013). URL시설 확보를 위한 부지선정요건 분석.
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