깨풀 추출물이 구강암 세포주의 생존률 및 COX-2 발현에 미치는 영향

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This research conducts how Acalypha Australis effects an oral cancer cell line. A result of cell death was occurring after an injection of hot water extract and methanol extract of Acalypha Australis to the KB Cell in an oral cancel cell line. These cell death analysis were conducted by MTS Assay, Western Blot Analysis. In results, hot water extract of Acalypha Australis had no influence in cell deaths. However, the methanol extract did. It was disposed in concentrated amounts of 50, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 500㎍/㎖. The results of the cancer cell deaths were as follows: after 24 hours - 95%, 57%, 53%, 52%, 30%, 28%, 9%, after 48 hours - 87%, 51%, 35%, 32%, 25%, 15%, 5%, and after 72 hours - 72%, 48%, 29%, 20%, 12%, 10%, 4%. This study suggests that the methanol extract of Acalypha Australis can control the possibilities of curing oral cancer. This significant study holds much importance in a development of oral cancer treatment because the methanol extract of Acalypha Australis has much less side effects than chemotherapy for cancer treatment.

Key Words: Acalypha Australis, oral cancer, KB Cell, methanol extract
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Anti-proliferating effect of Acalypha australis Extracts on survivability and reveal of COX-2 on the KB oral carcinoma cell lines
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Kim dong soon
조선대학교 보건대학원
일반대학원 보건학과
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Table Of Contents
I. 서 론 1
II. 연구 방법 3
A. 실험재료 3
1. 깨풀의 수집 3
2. KB 구강암 세포 3
3. 시약 3
B. 실험방법 3
1. 열수추출 4
2. 메탄올추출 4
3. 구강암 세포주 KB 배양과 화학적 처리 5
4. MTS assay 5
5. Western blot analysis 5
C. 분석방법 6
Ⅲ. 실험결과 7
A. 구강암 세포 생존율 7
1. 열수 추출 후 MTS assay 결과 7
2. 메탄올 추출 후 MTS assay 결과 8
3. 메탄올 추출 후 깨풀의 저농도 처리 MTS assay 결과 9
4. Western blot 10
Ⅳ. 고찰 12
Ⅴ. 요약 및 결론 14
참고문헌 15
조선대학교 대학원
김동순. (2012). 깨풀 추출물이 구강암 세포주의 생존률 및 COX-2 발현에 미치는 영향.
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