Cone beam CT와 파노라마방사선사진을 이용한 매복 상악 견치의 3차원적 분석

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Normal eruption of canine is important for formation of permanent dentition. Etiologic factors of impacted canines include abnormal postion of tooth bud, premature loss or delayed retention of deciduous teeth, cyst, neoplasm such as odontoma, and abnormality of lateral incisor. Untreated impacted canine can cause loss of eruption space, malocclusion, cyst formation, and can make orthodontic treatment complex. So, early diagnosis and appropriate intervention is required. Objectives of this study are to evaluate location of impacted maxillary canine and to identify correlation between location and treatment, complications.
Total 89 persons who took panoramic radiographs and computed tomograph to evaluate impacted maxillary canines in department of pediatric dentistry, Chosun university dental hospital from 2006 to 2012 were investigated. Location of impacted canines, performed treatment, and complications are evaluated.
The canine is most commonly impacted within the arch(54.7%), follwed by buccal impaction(28.3%), palatal impaction17.0%). Orthodontic traction is more frequently selected(38.7%) than other treatment. Displacement of adjacent tooth is most common among complications(55.7%). When the impacted canine is located at the buccal area, tendency of displacement increases. The more buccally and more mesially, the less orthodontic traction is chosen as treatment. When the impacted canine is located mesially to the central incisor, tendency of root resorption increases. So early diagnosis by periodic examination and appropriate treatment intervention is required.
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Three-dimensional evaluation of impacted maxillary canines using cone beam computed tomography and panoramic radiographs
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Jeon, Sang Yun
조선대학교 치의학전문대학원 소아치과학교실
일반대학원 치의학과
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조선대학교 대학원
전상윤. (2012). Cone beam CT와 파노라마방사선사진을 이용한 매복 상악 견치의 3차원적 분석.
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