알루미늄 부식을 조합한 생물학적공정의 질소와 인 제거

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A new dephosphorization technique which is simple and stable is necessary.
In this system, phosphorus from domestic sewage is precipitated as aluminium phosphate by aluminium ion generated with the electrochemical interaction(localized corrosion) of aluminium. In order to remove phosphorus contained in domestic sewage, an experimental investigation is performed using intermittently aerated activated sludge process packed with aluminium and copper wire.
The experimental results were obtained as follows.
As to the aluminium wire and copper wire ratio, (1:1) liked the efficiency and as the length was long, the removal efficiency was the best and as the length of the aluminium wire was long, the phosphorus removal hour as to length, was shortened in the situation where the ratio is identical. The more the chloride concentration was high, if the aluminium wire and copper wire was used repeatedly, the time to remove the phosphorus was shortened
In the continuous system driven with 4 hours of HRT, as the corrosion was progressed, PO4-P was removed until the 17th days over 0.2 mg/L and the removal efficiency began to drop starting from the 18th days and PO4-P showed 0.26 ~ 0.58 mg/L from the 21th days
In continuous experiment by the biological processor assembling the aluminium wire corrosion COD and T-N displayed the removal efficiency of 97% and 57% and PO4-P displayed the tendency that it displayed 84% of removal efficiency but was eliminated in 50 ~ 68 days of experiment until 0.1 mg/L and then it increased a bit and increases to 1 mg/L near.
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Nitrogen and phosphorus removal using biological process combined with aluminium corrosion
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Ju-sun Cha
일반대학원 환경공학
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Table Of Contents
I. 서 론 1

II. 이론적 고찰 3
A. 화학적 인 제거 3
1. 알루미늄염에 의한 제거 4
2. 철염에 의한 5
3. Lime에 의한 제거 6
B. 생물학적 인 제거 7
C. 전기화학적 인 제거 7
1. 전기분해 원리 7
2. 철의 전기분해를 이용한 인 제거 9
D. 알루미늄판의 부식 11
1. 부식(corrosion) 11
2. 금속의 공식(pitting) 11
3. 부식금속 12

Ⅲ. 실험방법 15
A. 알루미늄선 부식을 이용한 합성폐수중의 인 제거 15
1. 알루미늄선과 구리선의 길이에 따른 인 제거 16
2. 알루미늄선 길이에 따른 인 제거 16
3. 인 농도에 따른 인 제거 16
4. pH에 따른 인 제거 16
5. NaCl 농도에 따른 인 제거 17
6. 포기에 따른 인 제거 17
7. 연속장치 실험에서의 인 제거 17
B. 알루미늄선 부식을 조합한 생물학적공정의 질소와 인 제거 20
C. 분석항목 및 방법 23

Ⅳ. 결과 및 고찰 24
A. 회분식 실험 24
1. 알루미늄선과 구리선의 길이에 따른 인 제거 24
2. 알루미늄선 길이에 따른 인 제거 26
3. 인 농도에 따른 인 제거 28
4. pH에 따른 인 제거 29
5. NaCl 농도에 따른 인 제거 31
6. 포기에 따른 인 제거 33
7. 연속 실험에서의 인 제거 34
B. 알루미늄선 부식을 조합한 생물학적공정의 질소와 인 제거 36
1. COD 제거 36
2. 질소 제거 39
3. 인 제거 42

Ⅴ. 결 론 44

차주선. (2012). 알루미늄 부식을 조합한 생물학적공정의 질소와 인 제거.
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