빛의 표현특성에 따른 사실적 표현 방법 연구

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김 영 일
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A Study of expression of light
in the reality painting

- Focusing on my works -

By KIM Young-il
Advisor : prof. JIN Won-jang
Department of Fine arts
Graduate School of Chosun University

A light is an important element in everyday life.
We can recognize about something and know about some space and divide exactly a relationships between things and things, things and space because of a light. Realistic art is to reappear of some instant or situations on a plane. So in an art, a light is a way to express something of a painting and to makes a plane to three-dimensional in a painting. If it is not the light, we may never recognize everything. And we may never know a way to express a plane to three-dimensional. In this study, I am trying to study about a quality of a light. I studied about a quality of a light and about how to do a role and divided about each qualities.

Second, I studied about the caravigism that was an ism to express with a technique of a light in a painting. Caravagism was began by Caravaggio who was from Italy in 16c. Caravaggio was the best artist of tenebrism. Caravaggio's influence was extended far all europe from 17c to 19c. Il tenebroso that was used by caravagists, I studied about Il tenebroso and studied about caravagist and their works.

Third, I studied about Edward Hopper. E. Hopper's work is a emotion of a light. In E. Hopper's work, it is a light that doesn't just shine on everything, but give a sense of alienation and a sense of solitude to one's emotion. also it is a light to express about opposition between a nature and a culture. In this study, I studied about background of his work and quality of his work.

Forth, I studied about my work. My work talks about city and city people.
My work talks about several questions that what does a city give to city people and what does city people get and lose from it. And My work talks about an identity of city people, the possessive and desire of exhibition.
Alternative Title
A Study of realistic expression way in the expression of light
Alternative Author(s)
KIM Young-il
일반대학원 미술학과
일반대학원 미술학과
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Table Of Contents
목 차


제1장 서 론 ························· 1
제1절 연구배경 및 목적 ··················· 1
제2절 연구방법 및 내용 ··················· 2

제2장 본 론 ························· 3
제1절 빛의 특성 ······················· 3
1. 빛이란? ·························· 3
2. 빛의 종류 ·························· 4
가. 자연광 ···························· 4
(1) 적외선 ··························· 4
(2) 가시광선 ·························· 4
(3) 자외선 ···························· 4
나. 인공광 ··························· 5
(1) 백열등 ··························· 5
(2) 형광등 ···························· 5
(3) LED ······························ 6
2. 빛의 방향 ··························· 6
가. 전면광 ···························· 7
나. 경사측면광 ························· 8
다. 상하광 ··························· 8
라. 하상광 ···························· 9
3. 빛의 양 ···························· 10

제2절 회화에서의 빛의 활용 ·············· 10
1. 르네상스 시대 ·························· 11
2. 바로크 시대 ·························· 13
3. 모더니즘 시대 ·························· 26

제3절 본인의 작품 분석 ···················· 31
1. 작업 형성 배경 ······················· 31
2. 도시의 빛 ··························· 33
3. 도시인 그리고 도시생활 ·················· 37
4. 표류하는 도시인 ························ 38

제3장 결 론 ··························· 41

도 판
조선대학교 대학원
김 영 일. (2012). 빛의 표현특성에 따른 사실적 표현 방법 연구.
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