체외 고강도 집속 초음파를 이용한 CTO 융해에 관한 연구

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The coronary artery diseases such as angina and myocardial infarction are increasing as the diet become carnivorous. Those cardiovascular disorder are mainly caused by occlusion. The atherosclerosis can make thrombus which is the final product of the blood coagulation step in hemostasis, and it can be stacked developed in relatively narrow and winding coronary artery. As the thrombus become bigger, that plaque like material may occlude the coronary artery completely, which is defined as CTO(Chronic Total Occlusion).
The surgical operations such as coronary artery bypass graft(CABG) and percutaneous coronary intervention(PCI) are usually performed to treat CTO. However, CABG has limitation, risk of significant surgical mortality rate, expense, and long recovery period. Comparing the CABG, the PCI is simpler than CABG, in this reason PCI is widely operated in Asia countries such as Japan and Korea. In the PCI the guide wire technique of surgeon is the key operation for finding true lumen through the totally occluded artery. The operation success rate is totally depending on surgeon’s skill, sense and decision from the X-ray angiography. Especially, the treatment of the CTO in winding coronary artery region is very difficult takes a lot of operation time.
In this paper, The basic research was carried out to melt the CTO by high-intensity focused ultrasound, which is applied to the intravascular therapeutic microrobot.
COMSOL multiphysic software is used to simulate the sound pressure distribution and the deformation of specimen. The chalk as the phantom material and which is composed of CaCO3, the transducer with 5.4MHz are used for the experiments. The specimen is fixed by the 3-axis stage and the ultrasound is irradiated after the transducer moves to the focal point.
As a result of experimental data, it was confirmed that the surface of the specimen of CTO was dissolved well.
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A Study on the melting of CTO(Chronic Total Occlusion) using in vitro high-intensity focused ultrasound transducer
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Lee, kyeong kon
조선대학교 기계공학과
일반대학원 기계공학과
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Table Of Contents
제 1 장 서 론 1
제1절 연구배경 및 목적 1
제2절 고강도 집속 초음파의 연구 동향 3
제3 절 연구 내용 및 방법 5

제 2 장 집속 초음파 시스템의 구성 6
제1절 실험 장치의 구성 6
제2절 Transducer 8
1. 압전 효과 10
2. 압전 진동자 11

제 3 장 집속 초음파 이론적 해석 12
제1절 초음파 전파 특성 13
1. 음향 속도 13
2. 음향 임피던스 15
3. 경계면에서의 반사 및 굴절 16
제2절 COMSOL Multiphysics 시뮬레이션 19
1. COMSOL Multiphysics 19
2. 주파수에 따른 음압 분포 시뮬레이션 21
가. 1.0MHz Simulation 22
나. 3.0MHz Simulation 24
다. 5.4MHz Simulation 26
라. 7.0MHz Simulation 28
마. 시뮬레이션 결과 30
3. CaCO3 Deformation Simulation 31
가. 1.0MHz Simulation 32
나. 3.0MHz Simulation 33
다. 5.4MHz Simulation 34
라. 7.0MHz Simulation 35
마. 시뮬레이션 결과 36
제3절 CTO모사물질(CaCO3) 융해 실험 38

제 4 장 결 론 43
1. 연구 결과 43
가. 고강도 집속 초음파 시스템 구성 43
나. CONMSOL Multiphysics을 이용한 시뮬레이션 43
다. 만성완전협착(CTO)모사 물질 융해 실험 44

참 고 문 헌 45
조선대학교 대학원
이경곤. (2011). 체외 고강도 집속 초음파를 이용한 CTO 융해에 관한 연구.
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