장애아동 어머니의 양육경험에 대한 질적 연구

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Qualitative Study of Caring Experiences by Mothers of Child with Disabilities

Kim Mi Ryang
Advisor : Prof. Kim Jin Sook
Dept. of Social Welfare,
Graduate School of Chosun University

This study aims to understand the life of mothers of children with disabilities and draw agreement of social welfare practice for them by reorganizing their caring experiences. For this, interview with mothers of children with five types of disabilities was conducted. Data were collected with in-depth interviews from April, 2010 to Sep., 2011. For verifying validity of research results, advice from peers and reconfirmation through research participants were achieved.
As a result of research, mothers of children with disabilities experienced the following common problems. First, they foreboded their child's disability and experienced confusion. Second, they experienced mental and emotional difficulties such as shock and denial of disability diagnosis, distrust of medical diagnosis, guiltiness and anxiety, frustration and depression. Third, they felt shrinking in interpersonal relations due to social prejudice and negative awareness of disability. Fourth, they made efforts to understand their children with disabilities and improve interpersonal relations and showed mature changes in awareness of disability by using welfare services actively.
But, they also felt economic burden of education and treatment for children with disabilities and had guiltiness not to care for their other children without disabilities. Fifth, they showed strong motherhood to take the responsibility for their children with disabilities for their future. Mother of children with severe disabilities have vague fear for what will be happened in future and mothers of children with mild disabilities felt high anxiety for social adaptation in children. Their expectation of self-support and social integration of children with disabilities varied depending on the degree of disability types and they expressed responsibility for caring their children with disabilities and also desire for self-realization.
With these results of the research, their experience to care for their children with disabilities should be considered and how to apply it to social welfare practice should be emphasized.
Alternative Title
Qualitative study of caring Experiences by Mothers of child with Disabilities.
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Kim, Mi Ryang
조선대학교 대학원 사회복지학과
일반대학원 사회복지학과
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목 차

제1장 서론 1

제1절 문제 제기 1
제2절 연구의 목적 3
제3절 연구의 필요성 5

제2장 이론적 배경 8

제1절 장애아동 어머니의 특성 및 이해 8
제2절 장애아동 어머니에 대한 선행연구 10

제3장 연구방법 13

제1절 연구참여자 선정방법 13
제2절 자료수집방법 14
제3절 연구의 엄격성 14
제4절 연구의 윤리적 문제 15

제4장 연구결과 17

제1절 자료분석방법 17
제2절 연구참여자들의 개별 생애 요약 18
1. 연구 참여자의 일반적 특성 18
2. 연구 참여자 19
1) 연구참여자 A 19
2) 연구참여자 B 21
3) 연구참여자 C 23
4) 연구참여자 D 24
5) 연구참여자 E 26
제3절 장애아동 어머니의 양육경험 과정의 범주화 28
제4절 개방코딩 개념과 범주 분석 30
1. 시련의 폭풍전야 30
2. 돌기 시작한 시련의 수레바퀴 34
3. 내 가슴에 새겨진 주홍 글씨 36
4. 또 다른 낙인 38
5. 불안한 삶 40
6. 모성애 43
7. 장애 극복하기 44
8. 시련 속에서 행복 찾기 46
9. 시련 속에서도 꽃피는 삶 48
10. 나의 우군들 50
11. 좋아지는 복지 52
12. 또 다른 아픔 54
13. 따로 노는 통합교육 56
14. 꿈꾸는 미래 58

제5장 결론 및 제언 60

제1절 결론 60
제2절 제언 및 연구의 한계점 62

참고문헌 64
부록 67
조선대학교 대학원
김미량. (2011). 장애아동 어머니의 양육경험에 대한 질적 연구.
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