상피이형성 발생 마우스 모델에서의 Velscope를 이용한 진단의 유용성 평가

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Evaluation of diagnosis using Velscope
in mouse model for oral dysplasia

Kim, Moon-Seob
Advisor : Prof. Moon, Seong-Yong Ph.D.
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

There are various methods to diagnose oral cancer traditionally including medical records, monitoring smoking or drinking habits, intra and extraoral observation clinically. However dysplasia, microinvasive carcinoma can be seen as normal oral condition, so there are many difficulties for diagnosing as precancerous lesion. The words like leukoplakia or erythroplakia are used only clinically. These words do no explain the grade of dysplasia without biopsy. Only 25% of leukoplakia is diagnosed as dysplasia having precancerous lesion practically.

If intraoral precancerous lesion can be diagnosed early through noninvasive and fast diagnosis using an auto fluorescent material, survival rate of many patients will be raised and medical cost will be down. Thus, the purpose of this study is to evaluate the usefulness of Velscope, diagnosing instrument of oral cancer using an auto fluorescent material.

3. Method and Material
In this study, 24 six-weeks-old mice were divided into two groups: 6 are control group and 18 are experimental group. Conditions of the mice's tongue were evaluated after inducing dysplasia of the tongue using 4NQO solution. Photographying was taken with velscope which diagnoses oral cancer by an auto fluorescent material. Histologic analysis was conducted every 4, 8, 12 weeks for the purpose of evaluating the change tendency.

4. Result
1. Histopathological observation
Dysplasia was observed in tongue tissue treated by 4NQO solution during 8 weeks. As time goes by, dysplasia was progressed and carcinogenesis was observed. The developed level of dysplasia was moderate grade.

2. observation using the velscope.
Nothing significant to be observed when the dysplasia wasn't developed. However, when the dyplasia was develped, the lesion was detected by the velscope.

5. Conclusion
In this study, epithelial dysplasia were observed in tongue of white mice injected 4NQO solution after 8 weeks, the tongue with dysplasia can be diagnosed usefully. Therefore, when diagnosing precancerous lesion, lesion misdiagnosed by ocular inspection can be diagnosed precisely with the velscope along with traditional methods.
Alternative Title
Evaluation of diagnosis using Velscope in mouse model for oral dysplasia
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Kim, Moon-Seob
조선대학교 구강외과
일반대학원 치의학과
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Ⅰ. 서 론 1
Ⅱ. 실험 재료 및 방법 2
1. 실험재료 2
2. 실험방법 2
3. 조직학적 분석을 위한 표본 제작 2

Ⅲ. 연구 결과 3

Ⅳ. 고 찰 4

Ⅴ. 결 론 6

Ⅵ. 참고문헌 7

Ⅶ. 사진 부도 설명 9

Ⅷ. 사진부도 10

Ⅸ. 표 13
조선대학교 구강외과
김문섭. (2011). 상피이형성 발생 마우스 모델에서의 Velscope를 이용한 진단의 유용성 평가.
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