의 人物分析을 통해서 본 主題硏究

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subject research through the
character analysis

Adviser : Prof. HAN JONG WAN. Ph.D
Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Graduate School of Chosun University

Modern literatures of China came to bear its fruits in 1930s with the start of inflow of the Western literatures. Modern literatures of China which was started from the Cultural Revolution accelerated with May 4 Movement, since then, it brought fierce controversy by being transfigured to literatures of Second Sino-Japanese War and revolutionary literature. The thing of the literary movement was resulted from cognition for feudal periodical situations at that time, so the innovative thoughts came to made mainstreams all the time, and relatively, the works of writers who insist artistic value and purity of literature could be inferior.
Among them, the writer who expressed the beauty of pure arts best with the thoughts before the age was Shen, Cong Wen (沈從文). Many works of Shen, Cong Wen (沈從文), the work which expressed his values for literature best was , that is his major work; by considering the situation of the literary world of that time, it is considered that it is natural that the work like that gets attention.
Researches for , the major work of Shen, Cong Wen (沈從文) has been developing in and out of Korea actively, and for it is a folk novel with strong local color, so various research results such as consciousness of writer, artistic characteristics, language, characters, thoughts, researches related to local climate etc come out. Only, most of them made mainstream of fragmentary and detailed researchers, so it leaves inconvenience for comprehensive consideration. Therefore, in this study, it would be made progress of thematic research through comprehensive analysis for the writer and analysis of characters’ forms, and do comprehensive consideration for the writer and the work.
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의 人物分析을 통해서 본 主題硏究
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일반대학원 중어중문학과
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Table Of Contents
〈目 次〉

第 1 章 序論 1
第 1 節 硏究 動機 및 目的 2
第 2 節 硏究範圍 4

第 2 章 沈從文의 生涯와 文學觀 7
第 1 節 沈從文의 生涯 7
第 2 節 沈從文의 文學觀 형성 10
1. 成長期(1902~1921) 11
2. 創作期(1922~1948) 13
3. 試鍊期(1949~1988) 15

第 3 章 의 창작배경과 동기 16
第 1 節 社會的 背景 17
第 2 節 當時文壇의 경향 18
第 3 節 의 창작동기 20

第 4 章 의 인물형상 및 주요소재의
특징 분석 23
第 1 節 주요 인물형상 23
1. 翠翠 23
2. 天保와 儺送 31
3. 뱃사공 37
4. 順順 45
第 2 節 주요소재의 특징 48
1. 속의 전통문화 48
2. ‘물’의 상징성 51
2.1 과 강물 54
2.2 강물과 생명 55
2.3 강물과 애정 56
2.4 강물과 죽음 57

第 5 章 의 인물형상을 통한 주제
분석 59
第 1 節 原始自然의 生命力 60
第 2 節 純粹 共同體的 삶 62
第 3 節 의 창작 특징 66
1. 의 불안정성 66
2. 의 象徵性 67
3. 의 抒情性 60

第 6 章 結論 71

參考 文獻 74
조선대학교 대학원
오선희. (2011). 의 人物分析을 통해서 본 主題硏究.
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